Habit for Humanity Executive Director, Amie Fraley, Kiwanis Club President Elect, Joanne Conrad, and Pinckney School principle, Kenna Wilson, discuss the strength, purpose and direction of their organizations.

The shadow cast by these three women and their organizations remind us that Moore County is a great place to live & grow.
Real estate broker and Habitat for Humanity volunteer and spokesperson, Victoria Lopez shares her own personal experiences that brings so much of the good work to real life.

Habitat for Humanity
910 639-4016

Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills
910 585-5185

Kenna Wilson
Pinckney School
Moore County Schools

Victoria Lopez


THE CHURCH IN 2015 – Opportunities, Challenges & Questions

Featured guest, Dr. Jolene Erlacher, ( is a local author and speaker.  Her book, Millenials in the Ministry, outlines the generational differences in the ministry that also has a wide application to intergenerational leadership, effective team development and generational trends in business of every walk of life.


Dr. Erlacher paints a well rounded word picture of the snapshot of today’s churches with many suggestions for what today’s church leaders and parishioners have to do to stay vital, vibrant and contributory to their community at large.

Joining Dr. Erlacher are the Executive Directors of the Sandhills/Moore Coalition for Human Care, Barrett Walker, ( & Amie Fraley of Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills (

Barrett & Amie help to connect the dots about the strength of the local church community and the  local service they provide to agencies and non-profit organizations throughout Moore County.


Dr. Erlacher educates us on what it means to be part of the Millenial generation (ages 18- 34) and their needs, expectations, hopes and dreams for their world.