Charlaine Hirst is a golf professional – TCP – Class A who has run this program for 9 years.

She has used golf as the ‘hook’ to embolden girls from the ages of 6-16 and consistent with the LPGA Foundation National Initiative of creating positive female role models and inspiring the girls under her tutelage of the 5 E’s  Included in this show are 5 of her students, Emma Dennis, Allie Hirst, Kate Grantham, Keely Ferdinand & Molly Ferdinand who all speak about their experiences.

  • National initiative of LPGA Foundation: Found in 1989, now 415 sites – create experiences that help girls fall in love with the game! Girl friendly, positive female role models and inspiring girls with 5 E’s
  • We EMPOWER girls with confidence and inspire them to dream BIG
  • We ENRICH girls lives by expanding their minds and horizons
  • We ENERGIZE girls with passion for the game of golf
  • We EXERCISE girls’ minds and bodies by helping them unlock their full potential
  • We ENGAGE girls with positive female role models and mentors
  • 5 E Ambassadors: Stacy Lewis, Brittany Lincicome, Lizette Salas, Lexi Thompson, and Tiffany Joh
  • To date the GG program has reached more than 500,000 girls and roughly 70,000 per year!

Our Goals as LPGA instructors/GG Site Directors are:

Keeping girls ENGAGED in sports and increasing RETENTION

Instilling CONFIDENCE and inspiring girls to live ACTIVE lifestyles

Providing social opportunities and lifelong FRIENDSHIPS

Encouraging FAMILY involvement

Helping them to EMBRACE volunteerism in their communities

MEALS ON WHEELS w/ Executive Director Rebecca Listrom

Rebecca gives us a great overview of Meals On Wheels of the Sandhills, Inc. It was started in 1974 by Ida Baker Scott for five of her friends who needed a hot, nourishing meal. This year our Volunteers will deliver approximately 24,000 meals.

Today, we have more than 100 dedicated Volunteers who donate their time and use of their vehicles to deliver an average of 100 meals each weekday, 260 days a year to those in need. Each month our lunch-time meals are delivered (Monday through Friday, including weekday holidays) to the homebound in the towns of Aberdeen, Pinebluff, Pinehurst and Southern Pines. We have no financial or age restrictions, and we receive no government funding. Meals On Wheels is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization depending entirely on private monetary help to exist.

The Road Less Traveled – Jessica & Jon Patella

Jessica and Jon Patella share their story as residents and working professionals in Moore County and the exciting journey they embark upon this week as they prepare to live overseas. Jessica has been a frequent & valued guest on our past shows as Moore County’s only Naturopathic physician and as a teacher at Sandhills Community College in the field of Nutrition. Jon came to Pinehurst twice since 2004; most recently as the Carolina Hotel Fine Dining Operations Manager in 2010. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Stephen Covey said to “begin with the end in mind”, and that’s just what the Patella’s have done and are doing. The story of their change of life plans, the sale of their Pinehurst home and their impending year abroad is brought to life in an inspirational, principled and loving conversation of commitment, consistency and resolve. Their relationship to conventional wisdom is both intriguing and full of hope and courage. You can hear their story and follow their journey at, like them on Facebook at While Traveling Abroad or follow them on Twitter @jjpatella. E mail:
Jessica and Jon Patella are setting a tone for people of all ages and all walks of life to consider. Moore County wishes them well on their Road Less Traveled.



Bill Dunlap talks with Jan Leitschuh and Fenton Wilkinson, co-founders of Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative, about the origins of this unique community enterprise, how it is helping improve the health of local residents and the economic health of local farmers by connecting them directly. SF2T offers subscriptions of weekly boxes of 7 to 9 fruits and vegetables from Moore and contiguous Counties at their peak freshness, as well as jams, baked goods, honey and other local food products through their on-line store.

Also discussed is how SF2T economically benefits local schools and churches, and SF2T’s new Workplace Wellness program which improves not only employee health, but also employers’ profitability and the local economy by buying from local farmers.

“It’s a Life” – a personal filmed documentary of an Estate Sale in Pinehurst

British journalist, writer, and televison producer, Bernard Clark and Joy Wise of Wise Associates collaborate to share a touching story of one family’s estate sale in Pinehurst. The story of this filming and how it evolved tells us so much about one family’s relationship to their mother’s memory. Mr. Clark’s many stories from his broad career are both entertaining and enlightening.

Naturopathic Medicine with Jessica Patella, ND

Jessica Patella, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) joins Bill Sahadi as this week’s guest. Patella shares many healthy tips for the holidays and the upcoming year, including, a wellness program, and great information on the right type of supplements and vitamins for the immune system. Proper nutrition is one of the hallmarks of Patella’s practice. Patella is currently working on a book on natural remedies and is easily reached at her Pinehurst office, located above Putterboys on Magnolia Rd. or at her website,