Fred & Elizabeth Garrett lived in their Knollwood Heights home for 48 years before moving to Penick Village this past June. Kate Shinkwin, a real estate broker with Rhodes & Co. in Southern Pines, fell in love with the charm and character of Fred’s home, and now she and her husband, and two young children will be calling it their own home when they move in mid-September.

Fred’s story about his home and his 33+ year career at Sandhills Community College as well as the proactive relationship formed between Fred and Kate, as seller and buyer, is a story that is a pleasure to listen to.

Kate Shinkwin – 609 602-9243


January 27 – February 22, 2019

The Arts Council of Moore County, in partnership with the English Speaking Union-Sandhills Branch, Moore County Schools, Penick Village, Ruth Pauley Lecture Series, Sandhills Community College, and Sunrise Theater, present “Reflections of Africa” from January 28-February 22, 2019.

This multi-venue series of programs explores the unique diversity of African culture and wildlife through lectures, films and art exhibits. South African artist Garth Swift, Kenyan naturalist Joseph Koyie, Sandhills artist Jessie Mackay, and Canadian artist Patricia Thomas will conduct a series of innovative presentations and art exhibits that explore the relationships between the African people, cultures of Africa and its wildlife.

Arts Council board member John Earp and Sandhills artist Jessie Mackay walk us thru the myriad of events planned.

Get the schedule here.


Penick Village

PENICK VILLAGE – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

CEO Jeff Hutchens, COO Carolyn Hendricks & CDO Hunter Wortham talk all about Penick Village, located behind the Weymouth House in Southern Pines.,

From the founding of Penick Village to the challenges and rewards of today, these three committed individuals, with a combined 55 years of experience, cover the premise and philosophy of this iconic Independent & Assisted living Family based center.

From their website:

Penick Village has a distinct, multi-dimensional approach to keeping our residents healthy and happy. Our vision is based on an uncompromising commitment to deinstitutionalizing the aging experience. What does this mean? In its simplest terms, we strive daily to provide a welcoming home to our residents and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement: “We are a family creating a loving community by making each day great for one another.”



As a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, this mission along with our vision of deinstitutionalization, is of great importance to the organization and influences each and every decision made. Both our vision and mission include our residents, their families, and our co-workers while also encompassing all elders in our community.

We’ve recently adapted the philosophy of “Making Today Great,” a mission to encourage our residents and staff everyday to enhance the health and wellbeing of every member of the Penick family through stewardship and service.  Around campus you will see employees wearing green buttons as a daily reminder of our heartfelt pledge to our community.


Marketing Director Julie Tampa & Marketing coordinator, Ginny Trigg of Penick Village,, join forces with Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions in Southern Pines,, to discuss some innovative programs that Penick Village is offering its new residents and those that are in the process of selling their primary residences prior to making a move to Penick Village. As Julie Tampa says, “moving is not easy and before our potential residents start having issues that make it difficult to move as we age, we are glad that Total Design Solutions can offer such a valuable & necessary service”.

Penick Village is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April of 2014. Ginny & Julie discuss the active renovation plans that are going on at Penick Village in Southern Pines. Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions outlines some of the challenges of transitioning from a home built in the 70’s thru 90’s and what steps must be taken from consolidating, staging and downsizing.

Penick Village is located at 500 E. Rhode Island Ave. Southern Pines, 910 692-0300. Total Design Solutions is located in Southern Pines at 910 638-9898.
Penick Village - Total Design Solutions


Bill Sahadi hosted Virginia Gallagher, owner of Hot Asana Studio and Boutique, John Tampa, Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church and yoga instructor, and Julie Tampa, Marketing Coordinator at Penick Village and yoga instructor. In honor of the 5th annual National Yoga month, this was a show about the many facets and benefits that yoga can provide; from what to expect when you walk into a yoga studio for the first time to Patanjali’s Eight-limbed path, it was an incredibly informative program. If you’re never taken a yoga class, you’ll learn logistics like what to wear, what to bring, how to find the right class, and what actually happens in a yoga class. You’ll also hear heart-felt personal stories, and learn how yoga can benefit you – not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Hear responses to frequently asked questions: is yoga a religion? Is yoga only for women? Do I have to be a vegetarian to practice yoga? For people from all walks of life, please tune in to learn what you need to know about yoga!