IMG_0014The care, maintenance and awareness of homeowners Septic Systems are the topics discussed by Moore County Environmental soil scientist & Environmental Health Specialist, Bill Dunlop, Jeff & Chris (Jeff) Kerr of Marlin’s Septic Service, real estate broker Rachael Hernandez of Berkshire Hathaway and recent home purchaser, Stephanie Lemke.

“Out of sight, out of mind” seems to be the order of the day when it comes to Septic system care.

In North Carolina, approximately 3 out of every 4 homes utilize a septic system.

IMG_0012The Moore County Environmental Health Dept. is a proactive user friendly oversight for homeowners, sellers, buyers & real estate professionals when it comes to improving, tweaking, recertifying or changing out systems that have been deemed unacceptable. 910 947-6283.

Marlins Septic Inspectors have one of the most user friendly websites in the industry. Here you can research, in layman terms, how a septic system works. The landscaping and maintenance tips provided are invaluable. The site is predicated on educating the consumer, and does so in a user friendly and sometime humorous way. 910 295-1899.

IMG_0002Rachel, Stephanie & host Bill Sahadi discuss the vital role of pre inspections for would be sellers and buyers in order to make the real estate transaction go as smoothly as possible with the least amount of surprise or needless drama.

Here is a past show covering this topic as well:



Septic Systems in Moore County – Part II

Bill Dunlop, Soil Scientist and Environmental Health Specialist in Moore County and Jeff Kerr of Marlin’s Septic Service discuss the basics of Septic Systems for Moore County Homeowners with an emphasis on care & maintenance.

Septic System tips can be found at

Tim Venjohn of Rhodes & Company joins Bill Sahadi in this discussion.


PROJECT_DRINK_LIVEAustralian native, Shane Elson has 15+ years of engineering experience in both private consultancies and local government.
His current role involves engineering & cultural research for the initial purpose of providing clean water and waste water solutions for the rural areas of Southern Kalimantan, Indonesia. This is a remote corner of the world with many important needs. His goal is to reduce the general mortality rate, especially infant mortality of children under 5.

“Our dream is to impact the lives of the people as we bring life changing information and education. Our approach is culturally sensitive and relevant as we seek to partner with the local leaders and develop solutions together with the help of our resident anthropologist.” Shane says.

His project, KAGANANGAN, – Project Drink & Live,, or on Facebook, projectdrinkandlive, is the sole topic of this important discussion.

Shane was introduced to us by our mutual friend and Moore County soil scientist, Bill Dunlop, who also joins the discussion.

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The Father – Son Connection

Father’s Day is the occasion for an in depth discussion of this relationship. Marriage and Family therapist, Keith McDaniel, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kira Mello Rogers and soil scientist and friend, Bill Dunlop share details of this important relationship between father and son, from a professional and personal vantage point. These three Moore County residents pool their resources, experience and heart together to create a moving conversation.

POTTERY COUNTRY – Yesterday and Today – Seagrove & Northern Moore County -July 23rd

Pottery artist/instructor Charlie Riggs discusses the history of the pottery industry in Moore County. From the production of the utilitarian clayware of the 1700’s to the clay artistry of the present, Charlie explains how and why northern Moore County & Seagrove became the chosen home of so many talented potters and artists in clay. Charlie is joined by friend and associate, Bill Dunlop, who was instrumental in organizing the show.