The Key to Successful Real Estate Transactions

Our topic today is seen through the eyes of John Tampa, a Southern Pines resident for 14 years.
With a move to Winston-Salem in the works due to job transfers, John and his wife Julie, put their Southern Pines home on the market for sale, while at the same time starting a home search in the Winston-Salem area. The story started in early March at the Tampa’s dining room table, and now with the their home sold, they move on to Winston-Salem for their home closing in early June.

Their experience is shared with Fore Properties broker, Christian McCarthy, who was there at that early March pre-listing meeting and throughout the process, and local lender, Laura Glasby of Southern Trust Mortgage, who assisted the Tampa’s with their financing for their Winston Salem purchase.

The conversation about the Tampas’ specific processes and experiences serve as a backdrop for the bigger picture that is full of great tips for buyers and sellers who are in the market or planning to get into the market in the near future.

Laura Glasby, Southern Trust Mortgage – 910-850-7194,

Christian McCarthy, Fore Properties broker – 301-351-5755,


Marketing Director Julie Tampa & Marketing coordinator, Ginny Trigg of Penick Village,, join forces with Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions in Southern Pines,, to discuss some innovative programs that Penick Village is offering its new residents and those that are in the process of selling their primary residences prior to making a move to Penick Village. As Julie Tampa says, “moving is not easy and before our potential residents start having issues that make it difficult to move as we age, we are glad that Total Design Solutions can offer such a valuable & necessary service”.

Penick Village is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April of 2014. Ginny & Julie discuss the active renovation plans that are going on at Penick Village in Southern Pines. Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions outlines some of the challenges of transitioning from a home built in the 70’s thru 90’s and what steps must be taken from consolidating, staging and downsizing.

Penick Village is located at 500 E. Rhode Island Ave. Southern Pines, 910 692-0300. Total Design Solutions is located in Southern Pines at 910 638-9898.
Penick Village - Total Design Solutions

A Valentines Day Perspective – with author Dr. Dennis Tirch – Compassion Focused Therapy

Author Dr. Dennis Tirch, the author of The Compassionate Mind Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, is our guest along with Southern Pines psychologist, Dr. Kira Rogers and Penick Village marketing Director and Yoga instructor, Julie Tampa.

Valentines Day Guests

Valentines Day is meant to envelope us in love, hopefulness and happiness with that special someone in your life.

For many, being alone on Valentines Day brings up the not so gentle reminder that nearly 30% of Americans will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime. Compassion focused psychologist, Dr. Dennis Tirch, who, using an integration of Behavior Therapy, Buddhist Psychology and Evolutionary Neuroscience, is helping people learn to be kinder to themselves, soothe their anxiety and step forward into a life of meaning, purpose and vitality through his new book. The 28 minute interview during the middle of the show touches on so many important facets of behavior and genuinely helps to “stir the pot” and help us to see things differently or at least from a different vantage point.


Bill Sahadi hosted Virginia Gallagher, owner of Hot Asana Studio and Boutique, John Tampa, Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church and yoga instructor, and Julie Tampa, Marketing Coordinator at Penick Village and yoga instructor. In honor of the 5th annual National Yoga month, this was a show about the many facets and benefits that yoga can provide; from what to expect when you walk into a yoga studio for the first time to Patanjali’s Eight-limbed path, it was an incredibly informative program. If you’re never taken a yoga class, you’ll learn logistics like what to wear, what to bring, how to find the right class, and what actually happens in a yoga class. You’ll also hear heart-felt personal stories, and learn how yoga can benefit you – not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Hear responses to frequently asked questions: is yoga a religion? Is yoga only for women? Do I have to be a vegetarian to practice yoga? For people from all walks of life, please tune in to learn what you need to know about yoga!

Penick Village

Phil Martinello and Julie Tampa from Penick Village, join Bill Sahadi of Fore Properties to talk about the Continuing Care Retirement Community industry. (CCRC). Only a 10-minute drive to Pinehurst and within walking distance of downtown Southern Pines, Penick Village is neighbors with the Weymouth Center and Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Center. Penick has changed dramatically over the past two years, adding seven stand-alone single family homes with two-car garages from 1800 to 2600-square feet, a new community center which they call the Village House, and a new Woodlands Apartment building with 69 apartments from 700 to almost 1900-square feet. In their 47 year history, they have seen many changes in retirees, and they are working diligently to keep up with those changes. They are becoming a Center for Healthy Aging, promoting fitness and wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

The Village House hosts 4 dining venues: formal dining, informal dining, a private dining room, and a pub complete with a billiard room. Several activity rooms, a library, a movie theatre, a hair salon and the Grand Hall which seats 300 people round out the space.

The research shows that we can age successfully when we exercise our bodies, minds, and spirits, and Penick Village is implementing programs to help residents in each of those areas. Providing residents on-site exercise classes and a membership to FirstHealth Fitness and Wellness Center as well as golf at area courses, bringing in speakers on various topics, coordinating book clubs, and other learning opportunities, they are on the cutting edge of providing choice to residents in Moore County. For additional information call Penick Village 910 692-0386.