Marketing Director Julie Tampa & Marketing coordinator, Ginny Trigg of Penick Village,, join forces with Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions in Southern Pines,, to discuss some innovative programs that Penick Village is offering its new residents and those that are in the process of selling their primary residences prior to making a move to Penick Village. As Julie Tampa says, “moving is not easy and before our potential residents start having issues that make it difficult to move as we age, we are glad that Total Design Solutions can offer such a valuable & necessary service”.

Penick Village is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April of 2014. Ginny & Julie discuss the active renovation plans that are going on at Penick Village in Southern Pines. Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions outlines some of the challenges of transitioning from a home built in the 70’s thru 90’s and what steps must be taken from consolidating, staging and downsizing.

Penick Village is located at 500 E. Rhode Island Ave. Southern Pines, 910 692-0300. Total Design Solutions is located in Southern Pines at 910 638-9898.
Penick Village - Total Design Solutions


Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions ( and Dan & Ken Portu of Heritage Hardwood Floors join forces to discuss the many options of hardwood flooring, laminates, composites and engineered flooring materials available to today’s homeowner. A lot of attention is given to the detail of selection and the justification for one type of flooring over another especially in lieu of potential moisture issues that are not always properly taken into account by homeowners when these decisions are being made.

Pinehurst’s Live After Five is coming up on Aug. 17th in the Village of Pinehurst. Musician and music teacher, Tom Bernett joins us to discuss his Swing Street Band, who will be playing at this event, as well as the local musicians who will be joining him. ( The Swing Street Band has a collective total of 250 years of performing experience. (

Tips on getting your home prepared to sell in today’s market

Tips on getting your home prepared to sell in today’s market –
Francy Thompson, interior decorator and owner of Total Design Solutions in Southern Pines and John Portman, owner of Comfort Made Blinds in Southern Pines share their expertise in offering sellers valuable tips to get their home ready to put on the market for sale and ways to give them a competitive edge.

“All Things Moore County” airs on WEEB 990 AM

ALL THINGS MOORE COUNTY is a weekly radio show highlighting the many facets of Moore County that include Real Estate, Lifestyles, Community & Neighborhood.

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Originally started in August, 2009, All Things Moore County started out as All Things Real Estate and featured the many facets of the home buying, home selling and home renovating process. ALL THINGS MOORE COUNTY is hosted by Bill Sahadi of Fore Properties Realty Inc. of Southern Pines, a member of the Pinehurst-Southern Pines Association of Realtors. The show will continue to emphasize many of these themes.

General manager and station owner Steve Adams says, “The show will continue to air on Saturday mornings from 10:05 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and Sunday evenings from 8:05 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Bill does a great job, and the new show will allow Bill to expand the show into new areas that will interest a wider audience and serve the community needs and interest to a greater degree. We have a so many interesting people living here, doing great thing for our community, and this will afford them a forum to inform the public, and inspire others to get involved with the quality of lifestyle we all enjoy here in the Sandhills.”

“Moore County is a great place to live but living in an area is not just made up of the real estate transactions that take place but by the people that make that place such a great place to live. It’s a privilege to live in Moore County and having the ability to conduct a public forum for the residents of Moore County is an honor and a responsibility to insure that good straight information can be discussed for everyone’s benefit that calls Moore County home. I welcome any and all inquiries from our residents pertaining to subjects of interest they would like to hear more about”, adds Bill.

Additional information about the show can be found at:

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