Local lender, Laura Kurtz (910) 850-7194 is joined by Fore Properties real estate broker, Aja Riesberg (719) 291-2729 to discuss the lending landscape in Moore County in what has proven to be the most frenetic seller’s market in our memory.

Laura covers many topics including Credit scores, prequalification vs. preapproved letters, types of loans, appraisals, the relationship between attorney & lender, as well as great advice for first time buyers.



Credit Essentials

Michael McNamara, Southern Trust Mortgage VP of the Credit Mortgage Office is a licensed CE Instructor, recognized credit expert & board adviser for the Southern Trust Mortgage Company. Laura Glasby is their top producing loan officer with offices in Southern Pines and Fayetteville.

Together they discuss many ways to help people improve their credit scores by a following some simple rules.  Much of this advice can alter and improve scores within 72 hours.

  • Ways to Improve Credit Scores
  • Different Credit Score Models
  • Pre-Application Credit Check up
  • Ways to Increase a Credit score
  • Impact of Inquiries
  • Credit Bureau Contacts
  • Fraud Alert & Security Freeze
  • Rebuilding Credit

From a real estate broker’s perspective, Southern Trust can provide buyers with a path to improving credit scores and qualifying for better interest rates.

This information is important to hear as it dispels many myths, whether you are a home buyer or not.

Fore Properties real estate broker, Tracy Gibson, joins the panels and helps provide a myriad of questions that many clients may ask.  Her firsthand experience and knowledge of this process makes her a valuable asset to any home buyer.

Laura Glasby – 910 850-7194, www.southerntrust.com/laura
Michael McNamara – 443 864-1150, e mail: mmcnamara@southerntrust.com

CREDIT COUNSELING – Jan. 28th – 29th.

Adam Kunda, a representative from the National Credit Care company, www.nationalcreditcare.com, speaks specifically about the many myths and misunderstandings about credit scores. Adam provides straightforward insight and constructive ways to work intelligently to protect or enhance your credit scores from the well known credit reporting agencies. Pam Gantt, owner of Key Mortgage LLC, joins Adam, who also works as a consultant with Key Mortgage, to offer some real life situations she sees in her everyday business. With lending at the forefront of many people’s minds and today’s lower interest rate environment, this advice is quite timely.

Lending Primer 101

Vicci Bonner from Alpha Mortgage and Fore Properties real estate broker Lisa Stafford discuss and review the most important factors that buyers and sellers should be aware of when a home is being financed. There are great tips on credit scores, buyer preparation and costs associated with financing that are covered.