The Moore County Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in March 1967 under the leadership of several visionaries. They found it critical to provide unwavering support to the growing business community in Moore County, and for 50 years, the Moore County Chamber (MCC) has done just that.

Throughout the past half century, a lot has changed when it comes to owning small business. From the building, and permitting side of things, down to the informational resources used, marketing, employee management etc. The term ‘Chamber of Commerce’, was once a household name. Now, becoming a member of a business association such as this, is merely a choice. Chambers all over our nation strive to remain relevant in an ever-changing economy. One in which there is never enough time. So how does the Moore County Chamber meet the needs of our unique business community today? Through dedicated work, the MCC Staff keeps tabs on the pulse of the business community.

With a mission to ‘Foster a Vibrant Business Community’, programs and events are under consistent evaluation. With an eye on the needs of its members, the MCC Staff works to keep topics relevant, and strive to maximize the return on investment. Multiply networking opportunities exist each month, from the Small Business Networking Luncheon, to Human Resource Executive Association; a monthly luncheon hosted by the Chamber for professional development in the HR sector, the MCC Staff adjusts accordingly.

In 2018 the Moore Young Professionals welcomed roughly 20 new members to its network, and has big plans for growth, philanthropy, and fundraising. Moore County Leadership Institute (MCLI) kicked off its 29th annual class this January with a 2-day retreat. MCLI is a program that fosters enhanced leadership and personal growth, a commitment to learning more about Moore County, and graduates often reference the professional network that uniquely exists in MCLI. With 2018 well underway, the MCC Board of Directors and Staff are in the ongoing process of planning strategically for the years ahead. With 50 years celebrated and a renewed energy, the Moore County Chamber looks forward, excited about the future and all of its successes.

This 45-minute segment with All Things Moore County, hosted by Bill Sahadi, will give you some insight to the Chamber of Commerce, of today. A mobile, dynamic organization, focused on the people of this great community. Thank you for listening!

Are You Smarter Than a Moore County 5th Grader

Patrick Coughlin (President and CEO of the Moore County Chamber of Commerce) and Andrew Lyons (VP of First Bank), board members of the Public Education Foundation of Moore County (PEF) join host Bill Sahadi of Fore Properties to discuss PEF’s fundraiser, Are You Smarter Than a Moore County Schools 5th Grader. The 2nd annual event will be held Thursday, November 15 from 6-8pm at the Robert E. Lee Auditorium at Pinecrest High School.

Andrew and Pat with kids

Special guests on the show include two of the 12 elementary school teams competing on November 15. Representing Southern Pines Elementary are Jada Harrington, JT Mayo and Caleb Nocton. Team members from Pinehurst Elementary are Ava Booker, Noah Lyons and Claire Murden. Teams from Sandhiills Farm Life and Westmoore Elementary will be back to defend their crown.

These 5th graders are all special young people who have earned the right to be part of this important fundraiser. Their organization, preparation and skill sets will make all Moore County residents proud of the type of students that the Moore County Schools are developing and nuturing.

These 5th graders will inspire you as they did all the adult participants in this radio show.

Crazy Andrew and Pat with kids


Patrick Coughlin, the Moore County Chamber of Commerce President, and First Bank’s Andrew Lyons, the Chamber’s Vice Chairman of Community Development and President of the Public Education Foundation discuss Leadership initiatives by the Chamber under their guidance. Some of the programs discussed are Junior Achievement, the Educator Leadership Institute, connecting academics to practical application, and the upcoming November fundraiser, “Are you smarter than a Moore County School’s 5th grader?, which supports the Public Education Foundation for our local teachers. As our world continues to change at a frenetic pace, the discussion of these initiatives as a community based directive gives our local students, work force and citizens a chance to prepare for the changes in our local and global work environment.


Bill Dunlap talks with Jan Leitschuh and Fenton Wilkinson, co-founders of Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative, about the origins of this unique community enterprise, how it is helping improve the health of local residents and the economic health of local farmers by connecting them directly. SF2T offers subscriptions of weekly boxes of 7 to 9 fruits and vegetables from Moore and contiguous Counties at their peak freshness, as well as jams, baked goods, honey and other local food products through their on-line store.

Also discussed is how SF2T economically benefits local schools and churches, and SF2T’s new Workplace Wellness program which improves not only employee health, but also employers’ profitability and the local economy by buying from local farmers.

Moore County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at Nature’s Own

Karen & Milton Pilson, owners of Nature’s Own and Fore Properties Realty Inc. are this month’s co-hosts at Nature’s Own in Southern Pines. The show features conversations with many of the Chamber members from various Moore County business, educational & health care organizations, including Karen Pilson of Nature’s Own, celebrating her 25th anniversary in business. An inside glimpse is provided of this great event and Exec. Vice President of the Chamber, Linda Parsons, talks about many of the activities & benefits of a Moore County Chamber of Commerce membership.