The Weymouth Center for the Humanities and Arts

100 years and Beyond

Executive Director, Katie Wyatt, reviews 2022 as the 100-year celebration still contains over 30 additional events between now and the end of the year.

As importantly, Katie details many of the strategic plans for the Weymouth Center moving forward next year thru 2025.

Katie’s love of the arts and the history of the Boyd Family and the Weymouth Center comes shining thru.

The story of Weymouth is a continuous narrative of conservation, literature, music, and hospitality.

One of the strategic priorities of the Weymouth Center is to elevate the institution it has been as a place of inclusivity by offering literary and cultural experiences that inspire and enrich the lives of our community and all its citizens.


Today the Weymouth Center stands as a beacon of the history and culture of Southern Pines. Their programs are diverse and not limited to:











The story of Weymouth began in the early 1900s when James Boyd, Sr. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, purchased over 1200 acres at the request of his daughter Helen Boyd Dull to save the longleaf pine forest from the destruction of the turpentine industry.

The Georgian mansion that we know today was built in 1922 by his grandson, author James Boyd and his wife Katharine. Here they hosted literary greats, founded the Moore County Hounds, and influenced the design of a community.

Today the story continues with a writers in residency program, literary programming, musical concerts and a dedication to conserving the gardens and longleaf pine forests.

You become part of the story each time you visit Weymouth, write about Weymouth, tell a friend about Weymouth or become a supporter of Weymouth.

Today, the Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, is the cultural & arts center of Moore County.

In 2017 the legacy of the Weymouth House is alive, vibrant, well and open to the public.

Executive Director Robin Smith, President of Friends of Weymouth & Publicity Chair and Board Director Kathryn Talton lead a conversation about events at Weymouth this Fall & Holiday season.
They are joined by Katrina Denza, Secretary of Friends of Weymouth and the Writer in Residence Program Committee Chair and Angie Tally, who heads the Authors in Moore Schools Committee Chair (AIMS).

Topics discussed include the following upcoming events:
-Writer in Residence Readers Series and Cos Barnes Scholarship
-Brinkley Boyd of Weymouth (Special Book launch and fundraiser)
-The Native – Live Performance
-Weekend of Murder, Mystery and Spirits
-Chamber Music Concert Series
-AIMS – Authors in Moore County Schools
-100th Anniversary of James & Kathryn Boyd’s wedding
-Christmas Events
-Membership Opportunities

Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities with Abigail Dowd

Executive Director Abigail Dowd walks us through the rich history and storylines of the Weymouth Center located on E. Conn. Ave in Southern Pines. With an eye on the future and a deep reverence for its past, Dowd masterfully creates a textured conversation about the cultural center of Southern Pines. As she says, “the Boyd’s are to Southern Pines as the Tufts are to Pinehurst”. Dowd’s quiet demeanor and complete command of her material is not unlike a wise professor educating her students by painting effective word pictures. Interesting enough the show will close with a song that Abigail wrote and sings – The Silent Pines.



Her tutorial details James Boyd Sr. from 1903 and his involvement with the longleaf pine conservation program and the public park & preserve by nephew Alfred Yeomans to John & Helen Boyd Dull who were instrumental in the founding of the Southern Pines Civic Club and finally to Dowd’s portrayal of Katherine Boyd which was heartfelt and admiring. Her story & philanthropy alone would be a subject for a separate show.

Weymouth today is discussed with the Young Affiliates programs – literary programs for children, adults and students of all ages; their new concert series, the Tapas food event and important membership information.

The Weymouth Center is both a literary, cultural & entertainment center, and it’s place in our history and the public access it provides to our residents today makes it one of the most special and important parts of the fabric of Southern Pines and all that came before us.

555 East Connecticut Ave. P.O. Box 939 – Southern Pines, North Carolina 28388 – Ph: 910 6261 – E –

Penick Village

Phil Martinello and Julie Tampa from Penick Village, join Bill Sahadi of Fore Properties to talk about the Continuing Care Retirement Community industry. (CCRC). Only a 10-minute drive to Pinehurst and within walking distance of downtown Southern Pines, Penick Village is neighbors with the Weymouth Center and Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Center. Penick has changed dramatically over the past two years, adding seven stand-alone single family homes with two-car garages from 1800 to 2600-square feet, a new community center which they call the Village House, and a new Woodlands Apartment building with 69 apartments from 700 to almost 1900-square feet. In their 47 year history, they have seen many changes in retirees, and they are working diligently to keep up with those changes. They are becoming a Center for Healthy Aging, promoting fitness and wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

The Village House hosts 4 dining venues: formal dining, informal dining, a private dining room, and a pub complete with a billiard room. Several activity rooms, a library, a movie theatre, a hair salon and the Grand Hall which seats 300 people round out the space.

The research shows that we can age successfully when we exercise our bodies, minds, and spirits, and Penick Village is implementing programs to help residents in each of those areas. Providing residents on-site exercise classes and a membership to FirstHealth Fitness and Wellness Center as well as golf at area courses, bringing in speakers on various topics, coordinating book clubs, and other learning opportunities, they are on the cutting edge of providing choice to residents in Moore County. For additional information call Penick Village 910 692-0386.