Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities with Abigail Dowd

Executive Director Abigail Dowd walks us through the rich history and storylines of the Weymouth Center located on E. Conn. Ave in Southern Pines. With an eye on the future and a deep reverence for its past, Dowd masterfully creates a textured conversation about the cultural center of Southern Pines. As she says, “the Boyd’s are to Southern Pines as the Tufts are to Pinehurst”. Dowd’s quiet demeanor and complete command of her material is not unlike a wise professor educating her students by painting effective word pictures. Interesting enough the show will close with a song that Abigail wrote and sings – The Silent Pines.



Her tutorial details James Boyd Sr. from 1903 and his involvement with the longleaf pine conservation program and the public park & preserve by nephew Alfred Yeomans to John & Helen Boyd Dull who were instrumental in the founding of the Southern Pines Civic Club and finally to Dowd’s portrayal of Katherine Boyd which was heartfelt and admiring. Her story & philanthropy alone would be a subject for a separate show.

Weymouth today is discussed with the Young Affiliates programs – literary programs for children, adults and students of all ages; their new concert series, the Tapas food event and important membership information.

The Weymouth Center is both a literary, cultural & entertainment center, and it’s place in our history and the public access it provides to our residents today makes it one of the most special and important parts of the fabric of Southern Pines and all that came before us.

555 East Connecticut Ave. P.O. Box 939 – Southern Pines, North Carolina 28388 – Ph: 910 6261 – E mail-weymouthcenter@pinehurst.net

abigail@weymouthcenter.org – www.weymouthcenter.org

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