There is a lot of history and accomplishments in the Sandhills with our two guests, Donna Andrews and Sally Austin.

Donna Andrews, currently a golf instructor at Pine Needles, was an accomplished 7 time winner on the LPGA tour including one major tournament.

Sally Austin started taking lessons from Peggy Kirk Bell when she was 13 years old. She has played the mini tours in Asia & Europe as well as one year on the LPGA Tour.

She served as the golf coach at the University of North Carolina from 1993 – 2009.

Together, these ladies discuss their careers, ties to the Sandhills, and the benefits of teaching and coaching students in today’s game.

Donna and Sally both give private lessons.


Born in Lynchburg, Virginia, Andrews played college golf at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and won the North and South Women’s Amateur at Pinehurst in 1988.[1]

Andrews’ rookie season on the LPGA Tour was 1990; she won six titles between 1993 and 1998,[2][3] including a major championship, the 1994 Nabisco Dinah Shore, won with a birdie on the final hole.[4] Her best finish on the money list was third in 1998, and she also made the top ten in 1993 (9th) and 1994 (5th). Andrews represented the United States in the Solheim Cup in 1994 and 1998, and was the captain of the Junior Solheim Cup team in 2007.

After her retirement from LPGA Tour, Andrews became a golf instructor at Pine Needles Resort near Pinehurst, North Carolina and is co-owner of Andrews and James Real Estate. Andrews has two children; son Connor and daughter Sarah with husband James Tepatti.

In 2005, Andrews was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame

Will be inducted into the Virginia Golf Hall of Fame in May 2017

Donna Andrews


Grew up in Raeford.

Started taking lessons from Mrs. Bell when she was 13 or 14.

At the encouragement of her father she helped start the UNC golf team with Mindy Moore in 1973.

Won the State Am at Mid Pines in 1979.

Turned pro in fall of 1980.

Played mini tours, the Asia and European Tours until 1987 when she played on the LPGA for just over a year.

Taught golf schools at Pine Needles, Ben Sutton Golf School, Craft-Zavichas schools after she left the tour until 1993 when she became the UNC Women’s Golf Coach. Coached until 2009. Taught private lessons at Chapel Hill CC until she moved back to Moore County in July of 2018.

Now teaches at Pine Needles in the Golfaris, Golf Academies and Donna’s bootcamps. She also gives private lessons there too.

Sally Austin





Sam & Betty Glick have a great story to tell of their sojourn from Lancaster, Pa to Moore County.

Their young family; their aspirations; their outdoor furnishing business; and new beginnings.

Grey Fox is located at

225 W Morganton Rd. – Suite C
Southern Pines, N.C. 28387
910 725-0394


Moore County Native – Victoria Riddle

It’s rare to find an individual who is Moore County born and raised.  The Riddle family is a well known and respected family from Carthage. Victoria attended Moore County public schools and today is living at the family Century Farm in Carthage with her 7 year old daughter, Addison.

From the legacy her grandfather and father created as the John Deere Dealership 51 years ago, Victoria has taken over the reins of the family businesses and in between all her responsibilities has carved out a separate career as a successful real estate broker.

Her story of her family and her evolution into the family business as President of Riddle Equipment and the Riddle Group is inspirational and thought provoking.

Victoria lost her grandfather and father within a 4 year period 2011 & 2015: 2011 was the year the family John Deere dealership merged with Quality Equipment with over 28 John Deere Dealers.

Leona Riddle, Victoria’s mother, has a 30+ year tenure as a nurse at what is now known as First Health Hospital.

Sammy Riddle was always proud of his daughter, and her recollections and remembrances serve as a fitting homage to a man who has helped shaped Victoria’s outlook, disposition and place in a Moore County that is ever changing and growing.

Victoria can be reached at 910 639-9046;;




Chris Metzger recounts the better part of the 14 years he has spent at Pinecrest High School at the helm of the football program.

Beyond the X’s & O’s, Chris reveals the successful tenets of his leadership in helping to form the right habits in the young men who were fortunate to be under his tutelage.

From an ‘also ran’ to a program that has been the class & envy of the state, the legacy Chris Metzger leaves us with will stand the test of time.



Jen & Chris Poulin have a great story to tell since their arrival in the Pinehurst area in 2012.

An Individually Tailored Approach to Physical Medicine and Athletic Training

We opened our doors to help athletes and individuals meet their wellness, conditioning, and rehabilitation goals.

We possess the professional certifications, knowledge, and experience to get bodies functioning at maximum potential and to overcome any physical challenges that may be encountered.

We’re the only place in the Sandhills where physical fitness and physical therapy are offered under one roof. In terms of fitness, we specialize in small group training sessions. Instead of a big commercial gym or large groups, we focus on purposeful training programs tailored to the needs of every specific individual within the group. It feels like you’re all working together, getting fit together, encouraging and being encouraged by the people around you. We develop genuine relationships among the people we work with.


Generic, one-size-fits-all approaches of commercial gyms do not work for most people. Suppose somebody made a New Year’s resolution to get fit. They find a work-out class with 30 people at a big gym. Many people take that step, put substantial effort into it, and still don’t succeed. Why? Because we all have complicated lives and complex schedules. It’s really hard to stay with the routine that’s required for success, especially when they don’t really know what they’re doing, they don’t know if they’re progressing, and they don’t have a relationship with the instructors. So, after a while they stop. It’s hard to connect the dots to find something better.

It takes somebody really special to dig into the science, and the anatomy, and truly understand how to exercise with proper form. It takes years of education. Here at Sandhills Sports Performance, we know the human body like no one else through our work with Postural Restoration. We appreciate that there are specific patterns of dysfunction we all fall into. We know what will work and what movements will be effective, all while appreciating that everybody is different.

Getting hurt is not part of the price of getting fit. That’s NOT how it needs to be. People say, “I’m over 50, I’m getting old, I ache all the time, my back hurts when I get out of bed, my knees ache, this is what happens.”

Here at Sandhills Sports Performance, we say no, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s just something people expect because they don’t know any better.
With proper exercises and enthusiastic support, you can fight back against aging. You can sleep pain-free. You can get rid of the C-PAP. You can hit the ball farther than your buddies. You can carry your bag again.

Our Certifications

Postural Restoration Institute
National Athletic Trainers’ Association
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Titleist Performance Institute

275 Pinehurst Ave.
Southern Pines, N.C.
910 603-2788