DANCING WITH THE STARS – Jan. 21st & 22nd

Commmunities in Schools Executive Director, Cynthia Bradley and Moore Buddies past board member and volunteer, Deb Wimberly discuss the upcoming fundraiser to be held at the Carolina Hotel on Sunday evening, Jan. 29th. Both CIS & Moore Buddies are two of the most important mentoring programs in Moore County to serve children and young adults. Details of the event and the many locally well known participants are shared, and equally importantly, the specific good work that both organizations provide to the children of Moore County.


Bill Sahadi talks to Ellie Collins, John Arnold and Kevin Smith about Moore County’s contribution to the Occupy Wall Street movement. On December 10 at the Downtown Park in Southern Pines, Occupy Moore will consider Occupy Wall Street issues from a distinctly Moore County perspective. The event will focus on economic, election and education issues with local experts and speakers from nonpartisan groups like the NAACP, Democracy NC and The League of Women Voters. The event will also feature live acoustic music from some very talented local musicians. For more information on Occupy Moore, you can visit the website, www.occupymoore.webs.com.

Communities in Schools Exec. Administrator Ashley Baker discusses the role of CIS in our community and the many benefits CIS provides to the students in our public schools. Special mention is made of the Wine Festival fundraiser to be held on Dec. 7th at Elliot’s restaurant from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., and January’s fundraiser, Dancing with the Stars to be held on Jan. 29th. www.cismoore.org.