Flint Long – A career in show business and Paying it Forward

Moore County resident Flint Long moved to the Sandhills in 2014 after a lifelong career in show business.
Today Flint has recreated a song he wrote 30 years ago and turned it into a virtual choir video with old friends and professional associates.
The sentiment of 30 years ago rings true today. 2020 has shown a steep rise in virtual video choirs due to Covid.
Flint shares some of his many experiences & perspectives over the years and Moore County is glad to have him.


Reflections on COVID-19 from local business owners

Michael Alojeil, the owner of the middle eastern restaurant, Grape Leaf Bistro, joins Rachel Jurgens, owner of Pony Espresso and real estate broker/owner, Kristy Snyder of Everything Pines Partners to discuss the ways their businesses are navigating through the state’s ‘Stay at Home’ order while still trying to provide viable services to the public it serves.