Geoff Cutler is owner of Cutler Tree LLC in Southern Pines, a full service tree care company. He has worked with trees for both the private homeowner and in the urban landscape for over 35 years. Actively involved in our community, Geoff has served on the boards of Episcopal Day School, Stars Charter School, and was president of the Sandhills Youth Soccer league.
Geoff served on the Weymouth Center Board of Directors and is currently vice president of the Sunrise Theater. Geoff is also past chairman of the Southern Pines Appearance Commission, and member of the commission’s tree committee. Listeners of WEEB may also remember Geoff’s columns in The Pilot, and his “Thoughts From the Manshed” byline in PineStraw Magazine. Geoff is currently on sabbatical from those writing pursuits, but plans to start writing again soon. Geoff lives in Southern Pines with his wife Brooke, a teacher at the O’Neal, and together they brought up two children here in Southern Pines, Will and Whitney.

Geoff Cutler Cutler Tree LLC

In addition to Geoff’s overview of our area, since he first came to live here in 1995, Geoff and Steve Leader Adams discuss the possible ramifications revolving around Midland Rd., safety issues and the attempt to find a middle ground by saving the character & ambience of Midland Rd. while increasing traffic safety, as our population increases and our traffic density continues to rise.Cutler Tree can be reached at 910 692-7769.

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