The Palustris Festival is an annual event that celebrates what makes Moore County the best place to live, work, visit, explore, shop, dine, relax and play. At the same time the Palustris Festival is an event that showcases these same attributes to the world, attracting thousands of visitors to Moore County.
Moore County Palustris Festival
Chris Dunn, the executive director of the Arts Council of Moore County (,
and Claire Phillips, the marketing director of the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau ( join us to discuss this event and include their special guests, Morgan Sills, director of the Judson Theatre Co., which will be presenting “Driving Miss Daisy” starring Michael Learned, musician Joe Craven from California who also does a special school outreach program for our students, Janet Kenworthy, the director of the Rooster’s Wife in Aberdeen, N.C. & Ray Owen the founder of the Longleaf Ensemble that will be performing at the Old Bethesda Church during the festival. All information about the festival can be found at The Palustris Festival showcases the visual, literary and performing arts in Moore County and the depth and breadth of their reach is best expressed by these passionate guests. An online broadcast of a prior UNC-TV show, North Carolina Weekend, is also available for viewing at