Candidates from both the Town of Aberdeen and the Village of Whispering Pines join us to introduce themselves to the voters with an overview about their reasons for seeking office and an overview about their positions on the issues affecting the residents of their communities.

Bryan Bowles, Teressa Beavers, Amanda Marquez Janker

Election Day is Nov. 5th. Local elections have a more direct impact on residents than any other type of State or Federal election.

Pamela Harris, Alexa Roberts, Tim Venjohn

Candidates not available to join us but also on the ballot:

Aberdeen – Robert Farrell (Mayor), Elease Goodwin (Board of Commissioners)

Whispering Pines – Glenn Bernhard, Joe Wincklhofer, Andy Conway, Dean Kalles, Neil Godfrey & Denise Racey (Town Council)

Contact Information of Guest Candidates:

Alexa Roberts 910-603-8137          alexa.mammolito@gmail.com

Tim Venjohn 910-638-0100            timvenjohn@gmail.com

Pamela Harris 910-986-8608        harrispave@embarqmail.com

Bryan Bowles  910-783-4745          facebook: Bowles for Aberdeen Commissoner

Teresa Beavers  910-331-4610        facebook: Beavers For Aberdeen Town Commissoner

Adriana Janker   910-574-2796      adriana.janker@gmail.com