Estates & Wills – Part II – Aug. 6th

Southern Pines attorneys Emily Tobias and Robert Thompson return for the second part of their discussion about the many considerations and decisions we have to make when it comes to our estates and wills. Their thought provoking conversation touches on Guardianship, Blended marriages, Stepparents and Stepchildren. The importance of proper planning and family dynamics is the theme of this show.

Estates & Wills – July 30th – Part I

Southern Pines attorneys Emily Tobias and Robert Thompson share important and pertinent information by discussing the basic tenets of Wills; their application, execution, and maintenance. Bob & Emily’s broad perspective serves as a valuable resource for anyone contemplating the beginning process of drawing up or changing a will and the ramifications of the decisions we all need to consider as our lives and situations change.

The Financial Exploitation of the Elderly – Part I – April 2nd, 2011

The myriad of issues concerning Elder Abuse in our society and the benefits that proper planning and prevention can offer are discussed by Moore County District Attorney Maureen Krueger, Southern Pines attorney Emily Tobias of Gill & Tobias, Adult Services Supervisor of Moore County Dept. of Social Services, Alona Sloan, Wells Fargo Certified Financial Planner Steve Daskal, and elder rights activist Beth Morgan of ConnectNC.

Listen to Part II