Local author, Jane McClaren’s HONEST EATING (JaneMcClaren.com) & FIT CO KIDS (fitcokids.com) trainers/owners Shannon Cox and Heather Lachance have a great discussion about the food industry, intelligent food choices, exercising and conditioning for youngsters all in hopes of alerting the public that our time pressed schedules can do more harm than good to our health and well being.

HONEST EATING by Southern Pines author Jane McClaren

Jane McClaren, www.janemcclaren.com, joins Bill Sahadi to discuss her new book, Honest Eating, which encompasses a personal struggle shared, a behavioral primer, a love story, a cookbook, a purpose driven outline for healthier eating, a social commentary on the food industry and the humane & inhumane treatment of farm animals and its effect on our health. Airs 3-5-2011