Real Estate broker Jennifer Carlson of PINELIFE REALTY GROUP is joined by Sal Nolfo of Alpha Radon Testing Services to discuss the importance of radon inspections in the home buying process in Moore County.

Sal and Jennifer discuss some of the myths about Radon and provide an easy to follow basic overview of what Radon is, why it is important to mitigate and to better inform the public and area brokers about the X’s & O’s of Radon.

Alpha Radon Testing Services
Sal Nolfo

Pinelife Realty Group
Jennifer Carlson

The REAL Truth in Lending – Karen Dulmage – First Home Mortgage

Karen Dulmage is a respected and hard working lender in Moore County.

First Home Mortgage is located in Pinehurst and serves the many clients and real estate brokers in residential mortgages.

Karen, along with her guest, Jennifer Carlson, the Broker/Owner of Pine Life Realty Group, discuss many facets of the industry today, which include:

    • First Home Mortgage’s Story
    • The trend in the lending business and the effect of technology on the consumer
    • The Process for getting a mortgage
    • Products & programs
    • Partnering with partners

Karen Dulmage, Branch Manager

Cell: 703-626-9007 | eFax: 443-725-0686 | Internal Ext. 3806 | NMLS: 485100

kdulmage@firsthome.com | www.thedulmageteam.com

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