John Tampa joins Bill to discuss his two experiences of receiving primary and advanced yoga teacher training at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India, and the impact it has had on his teaching. John talks about Hindu philosophy and the strands from which the practice of yoga evolved over 5,000 years ago, as well as how the ancient sages of India understood yoga as much more than a physical practice (as we often experience it in the West).

John also explains how the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga is intended to be a way of life, which includes how one relates to one’s self and to others, as well as the physical practices and breathing techniques, leading to an enhanced meditation practice and ultimately the realization of one’s true Self.

Bill has been one of John’s students for over four years, and as one who has undergone back surgery, has benefitted from the practice of “adaptive yoga,” that is, using the body as a tool for healing while taking into account certain physical limitations. John developed an interest in adaptive yoga education as a way to recover from his own injuries and knee replacement surgery.

John has a history as a life long learner, coach, teacher, mentor, minister, corporate executive and counselor. The storyline behind the story is that John, a 12 year resident of Southern Pines, N.C. has blended his unique skill set of helping others, as described by author and founder of Tom’s of Maine, Tom Chappell, as “doing well by doing good.”

John sets the bar for what it means to continually reinvent yourself without losing sight of the mission, the goals and the spirit he has successfully fulfilled all his life for himself and for others.

In addition to being open for private instruction, especially for those who have injuries, disabilities, or limitations, John and his sister Michele Hoag offer continuing education worships for yoga teachers and interested yoga practitioners in several yoga teaching centers in North Carolina. His business is Living Yoga LLC, and he can be reached through his website at