Pinecrest Choral Group Program

The Pinecrest Choral Program has a long standing tradition of excellence. Boasting three ensembles, the program will be hosting its Spring Concert on Saturday, May 21st at 7pm, and Sunday May 22nd at 4pm, at the Pinecrest High School Auditorium. Their newly appointed director, Erin Plisco, will be bringing in world renowned composer and conductor Eric Whitacre in October of 2011 to work with Pinecrest students for three days. Schools from across the state will join Pinecrest in this incredible event, culminating in a final concert featuring the music of Eric Whitacre. West End Middle school music teacher, Marci Houseman and Erin Plisco discuss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with four of the choral program’s most promising students.

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Marci Houseman, Moore County & Regional Teacher of the Year – Moore County Schools

Marci Houseman, Moore County’s Teacher of the Year is an 8th grade teacher at West Pine Middle School. Marci talks about her 16 years of experience as a teacher and as a mentor. Marci is joined by her 8th grade students, Amber Wilson and Josh Chandler, and they discuss their involvement in the Africa Heartwood Project ( and how “Mrs. Houseman’s 8th grade Drum class became a multidimensional cultural learning experience for her students.