Sandhills Classical Christian School – 20 years educating Moore County

The Sandhills Classical Christian school is in their 20th year. 2019 is a year of many exciting changes and this conversation traces the last 20 years with an eye on the future. Presenters SCCS Head of School Todd Zimmerman SCCS Past Board Chair Trudy Engebretson SCCS parent volunteer Julianne Clodfelter

About Sandhills Classical Christian School

Sandhills Classical Christian School was founded in 1999 by three visionary leaders: Max Stanton, Jamie Bransford, and Dr. George James. Today the school serves a thriving student body of more than 380 children in its preschool, grammar, logic, and rhetoric programs.

About Classical Christian Education

The curriculum incorporates a Christian worldview, with Christianity woven through all aspects of learning. The school’s mission is to “graduate citizens of excellence who observe, think, and articulate with humility, reason, and clarity for the glory of God.”

Presenter Bios

Todd Zimmerman, SCCS Head of School and Upper School Principal, is an experienced principal with a classical teaching background. Mr. Zimmerman joined SCCS in the Fall of 2017 upon being selected to principal our Logic and Rhetoric schools. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Education from Columbia International University Trudy Engebretson graduated from the University of North Dakota and is degreed in Elementary & Special Education. She previously served six years as Board Chair at SCC. Prior to moving to Pinehurst, Trudy was elected to the school board for Bloomington Public Schools in suburban Minneapolis, a district serving 11,000 students and staff. Julianne Clodfelter is co-owner of Rhetson Companies, Inc. and married to Brian Clodfelter. She was previously a Nurse with First Health for 17 years and holds a Masters in Nursing and Health Administration. Julianne has been a parent at SCCS for six years. Daughter Libby started at SCCS in the three-year-old preschool class and is now in third grade. She has volunteered with the school’s Bowtie Ball since its inception, serving as parent volunteer chair of the ball for 2018 and 2019. Other school involvement is with her husband Brian and their construction company (Rhetson Companies) which built the new school last year at the Whispering Pines campus for K-5.