TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return)

Panel: Dr. Tom Daniels, Angela Zumwalt, Pat Parrish, Olivia Lynn

TNR is an initiative with proven results in Moore County to help reduce the intake into the county shelter and ultimate population reduction in euthanasia on the way to help make Moore County a no-kill county.

The guest panel provides a background of progress since 2007 and empirical data to support the success of their effort.  Proper funding is an ongoing issue in the county and funds are required to continue to do this good work.

About Our Panel:

Angela: Retired IBM Executive and Founder and Director of the Pet Responsibility Curriculum to Fourth Grade Students throughout Moore County, also Committee Chair of the Pet Responsibility Committee to the council of Moore County for three years.

Dr. Daniels: Equine Veterinarian and Creator of the Fix’M Fund in Moore County that funded Moore County Neighborhood Cats for two and a half years; original member of the Pet Responsibility Committee for three plus years.

Pat Parrish: Retired Elementary School Teacher involved in cat rescue through TNR in Moore County since 2001 most currently with Feline Friends partnering with the Spay and Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills

Olivia Lynn:  Fundraiser for Feline Friends and MCNC

Volunteers are needed to keep this effort vibrant and effective.

Please call:

Olivia 561-715-8812

Pat 910 986-0468

Jenny 4112 760-0530

Visit us at Moore Equine Feed & Supply in S. Pines, Saturday June 2nd, 11:00-2.

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Our foster kitties love to eat. If you could help out, with a monetary donation or a bag of Purina kitten or cat food, it would be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by our fur friends. Every little bit helps- Thanks!

Contact Information:

Moore County Citizens’ Pet Responsibility Committee