West Southern Pines at a Crossroads

Kim Wade – President West Southern Pines Civic Club
Rev. Dr. Paul Murphy – Pastor Trinity AME Zion Church, & member SP Town Council
Vincent Gordon – Chair Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust
Fenton Wilkinson – Land & Housing Trust Project Manager

Community leaders discuss the largely unknown history of West Southern Pines starting with the fact that in 1923 West Southern Pines was one of the first incorporated Black Towns in North Carolina, progressing to what it was like growing up in the community in the 1960’s and then to the conditions in the community today.

The initiatives by both the Land & Housing Trust and the Town of Southern Pines that engaged the current residents to describe what revitalization of West Southern Pines means to them are highlighted. The preferred path that emerged for the residents is the opportunity to improve the physical, economic and social fabric of the community while preserving their history and culture is described. The other path facing West Southern Pines at the current crossroads, gentrification, is defined and its consequences discussed. The pivotal role the fate of the currently surplused Southern Pines Primary School will play in which path is the future of West Southern Pines is explored. The show ends with very positive visions that are ahead for the community.

For more information on the redevelopment of the SP Primary School and ways to contribute visit the Land & Housing Trust website https://www.splandandhousingtrust.org/