Sandhills Childrens CenterBill Sahadi is joined by four representatives from the Sandhills Children’s Center to discuss the upcoming 17th annual Festival of Trees. This event has become a big part of marking the beginning of the holiday season here in Moore County but, more than that, the Festival of Trees plays a crucial role in supporting the mission and vision of Sandhills Children’s Center. Joining us to discuss Sandhills Children’s Center and the Festival of Trees will be Chief Executive Officer, Melanie Gayle, Child Enrollment Representative, Jennifer Jones, Director of Events and Community Relations, Teresa Copper and Community Relations Representative, Asa Moran.

Melanie Gayle – Melanie is in her 24th year as CEO. She has a deep understanding of the Center’s history, its services and the importance of private fundraising efforts like the Festival of Trees. Melanie can speak to the impact of the Children’s Center’s services on families in Moore County and the surrounding Sandhills Community.

Jennifer Jones – Jennifer is not only the Child Enrollment Representative but is also the mother of a graduate of at Sandhills Children’s Center. Her son Noah is now a first grader in a traditional classroom in the Moore County School System. He was born with a rare brain disorder and is truly a miracle child. Jennifer understands what it is to be the parent of a child with special needs. This understanding serves her well in her roll at the Center as she is able to empathize with parents while encouraging the advocacy she knows is necessary in certain situations. Jennifer can provide a testimonial account of the Center, highlighting the importance of its services and speaking to the end results from a personal perspective.

Teresa Copper – Teresa is the Director of Special Events & Community Relations at Sandhills Children’s and has been with there since 2006. She is planning/organizing/directing her eighth Festival of Trees. She knows the event inside and out and can speak to every detail of the five-day festival, including the planning that takes place up to a year out, the multiple volunteers involved, the events within the event and the overall benefit the Festival provides for the community, the region and the state.

Asa Moran – Asa is beginning his second year as Community Relations Representative for Sandhills Children’s Center. He works closely with Teresa in marketing and public relations efforts for Festival of Trees along with other fundraising events and campaigns for the Children’s Center.

We look forward to having a discussion about the Festival of Trees and its reason for existence. You’ll not want to miss this important conversation that is sure to help you understand the broad-reaching mission of Sandhills Children’s Center in and around Moore County.

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