STUFF THE BUS is in its 12th year this weekend, collecting school supplies for needy children in the Moore County School system. This fundraiser calls to light bigger picture issues and the value of providing all Moore County Students “nets” from the time they enter kindergarten through their high school graduation.

Executive Director, Joyce Clevenger, Director of Mentoring, Anthony McCauley, and Admin, Tracy Gibson join Pinecrest Patriot football coach, Chris Metzgar to speak about the value of MENTORING for students of all ages by many different means.

Their big picture conversation touches on many of the follow points and programs:

– In its 12th year
– This weekend 20th—22nd
– Fri/Sat 9-5& Sun 12-4
-100% of supplies goes to the children who need them
-Bus at Wal-Mart and Staples
– shoppers buy supplies and they are deposited in bus
-supplies sorted and distributed to Moore County Schools
-Teachers are able to distribute them directly to those in need

Reading Buddies
-Adults attend primary schools to help students learn to read
– Receive book donations and distribute to kids
Adults work one-on-one in school or out in community with at-risk kid
-at risk for dropping out, alcohol/drugs/recidivism
-Kids from disadvantaged homes and in need of positive adult role model
Career Development Program
-Court referred kids 14-17 years old
-engage with Sandhills/learn of vocational training opportunities
– Job shadow with local businesses to observe jobs in action
– group mentoring-skills based
– field trips, speakers, hands-on experiences
-Hope to spark interest and instill in youth that they can learn/make a contribution

2018 Mother’s Day Show

Fore Properties is proud to host this show for Mother’s Day.

Our 6 featured brokers, all of whom are mothers, with no less than 17 children, from ages 4 to 14, discuss the challenges of balancing a career with family, and in many cases with a deployed father/husband.

Real estate brokers, Stephanie Lemke, Christian McCarthy, Nicholl Lee, Tracy Gibson, Jen DiMayo and Bree Sheridan have a spirited, funny and heartfelt conversation with guest moderator, John Tampa, whose questions yield great conversations.


In addition to being real estate brokers, these 6 women share great hearts and passion for what they do in their everyday lives. As moms, as brokers, as daughters, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and listening to their mutual support for one another clearly extends beyond the studio table.