Habit for Humanity Executive Director, Amie Fraley, Kiwanis Club President Elect, Joanne Conrad, and Pinckney School principle, Kenna Wilson, discuss the strength, purpose and direction of their organizations.

The shadow cast by these three women and their organizations remind us that Moore County is a great place to live & grow.
Real estate broker and Habitat for Humanity volunteer and spokesperson, Victoria Lopez shares her own personal experiences that brings so much of the good work to real life.

Habitat for Humanity
910 639-4016

Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills
910 585-5185

Kenna Wilson
Pinckney School
Moore County Schools

Victoria Lopez


Habitat for Humanity & Family Promise – A Hand Up… not a Hand Out

Habitat for HumanityAffordable housing issues Moore County residents face is the topic of discussion on All Things Moore County hosted by Bill Sahadi on local radio station WEEB 990 AM. Local activists Ken Rahall, Karen Hieronymous, Family Promise Executive Director Susan Bellew, Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills Executive Director Elizabeth Cox and future Habitat homeowner Victoria Lopez talk about the issues of homelessness and lack of affordable housing for most low-income families.
After a divorce, Victoria Lopez, mother of six, found her family homeless and in need of the support and assistance of many agencies for the first time. She discusses the impact of these changes and her family’s desire for a hand-up, not a hand-out.
The show presents programs available for homeless families, those in need of repairs to remain in their homes and those families who would qualify for home ownership through programs like Habitat.

To learn more about Family Promise of Moore County or the upcoming Harvest the Promise fundraiser on October 11th at the Fair Barn, contact Susan Bellew at 944-7149 or To learn more about Habitat for Humanity or the upcoming golf tournament, Swings for Homes, on October 15th at Pinehurst No. 8, contact Elizabeth Cox at 295-1934 or You can volunteer at either organization, or participate in an upcoming repair blitz in northern Moore County on November 3 by calling the Habitat office at 295-1934 and leaving a message for Karen. Both skilled and unskilled workers are needed to help repair homes that day.