The Temple Theatre embarks on its 13th season under the guidance of Artistic Director Peggy Taphorn.

Peggy is joined by actor & new marketing arm, Gavin Pamer, to highlight the major productions- starting with the production of Oliver (Sept. 12th – Sept. 29th).

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The Tarheel Challenge Academy puts a new focus on mentoring for young adults between the ages of 16-18.

Recruiter Rita Ladner discusses the purpose, objective and commitments of the program that is no cost to vetted applicants.

The program is sponsored by the State of North Carolina, Department of Public Safety and the North Carolina National Guard.

It’s a program that enforces discipline and consistency in an attempt to produce more focused and productive young citizens.



Rita Ladner 910 214-2007 or 910 525-5520

Myron Dice has been working with Christmas for Moore since the program has evolved from the program known as the Empty Stocking Fund.  Christmas in July is the time to hear about this program as it is a 12 month process culminating in individual adopting vetted families in order to help provide a Christmas that some less fortunate families might not have a chance to realize.Continue reading



The Wellness Center at Pinehurst Medical Clinic was started in 2015.

With 11 health coaches and counselors, the Wellness Center offers an added benefit to patients of the Pinehurst Medical Clinic.

Wellness Program & Quality Manager, Melissa Kuhn, MA, CCP, CTTS, HED, Social & Behavioral Counselor, Marcy Simpson, LCSW & Medical Nutrional Therapist and Diabetes Self Management Educator, Courtney Buck, MS, RD, LDN discuss a wide range of issues.

The Annual Wellness visit is a benefit for Medicare patients.  This started in 2011. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has researched the important role that preventative assessments and screenings make in our health along with the role that health care providers play in educating patients about these services.  The intent in this service is to remove barriers and provide opportunity for them to receive recommended preventative services that will support a healthy lifestyle.  The Annual Wellness Visit is appropriate for people in all stages of health.  While there are certain requirements of the visit, we tailor these to meet the patient where they are, identifying resources and setting goals that are realistic and relevant to the individual.

Health coaches are trained to partner with individuals to help improve health by facilitating behavior change.  They work in collaboration with the patient exploring and providing information, resources and referrals as appropriate and needed.  Health coaches provide support and guidance while empowering the individual to identify the priorities that will ultimately lead to improved health.

At the beginning of the visit, the patient’s vitals are taken, including ht, wt and BP.  From this information, a patient’s BMI, or Body/Mass Index is calculated. We also update the patient’s medical records with the current medications/supplements.  Immunization records are updated, such as flu and pneumonia vaccines.  There are screenings for depression and anxiety, risk for falls, and cognitive functioning.  Nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits are assessed, in addition to home safety issues and the patient’s social/emotional support system.

These screenings promote disease prevention, early detection and lifestyle modifications that support a healthier lifestyle.  We work with the patient to create an individualized lifestyle plan and set goals in order to meet it over the next year.

  • Example – if a patient’s BMI is over the recommended target range for healthy (18.5 – 24.9), a discussion with the patient can occur supported with handouts that engage the patient in reasons for changing habits such as diet and exercise that will impact his/her weight.  Depending on the patient’s interest in change, we can recommend other programs to help meet this goal.
  • Example – if a person’s depression assessment (using an evidenced-based tool) displays several symptoms contributing to depressed mood, a conversation can occur in which resources such as counseling can be offered.  We take the depression scores very seriously as research shows that 45% of individuals who die by suicide, especially older adults, have visited their primary care physician within a month of their death.

We also offer a program called Intensive Behavioral Therapy for patients who have a BMI 30 and above.  This is the weight management counseling referred to earlier. During the AWV, the health coach can make a referral to this program and even schedule the patient for the initial sessions.  The program starts with more frequent visits that gradually have more time between each session.  We don’t follow any specific diet plan, but rather work with each person to determine what works best for them and is realistic within their lifestyle.  We focus on nutrition, exercise, stress and emotional attachments to food.


Doug is back after being a guest on the show 3 years ago to update us on the Community Watch of Pinehurst program and his involvement in that organization over that time.  Doug retired to Pinehurst in 2011 after 34 years of experience in the Secret Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Today, Doug works as a consultant for Central Security Systems of Southern Pines.  In one way or the other Doug is trying to have a positive impact on the safety of his Moore County neighbors.

George Norfleet, The Bat Man, speaks about another type of control or prevention.  George is best known in Moore County for his humane treatment of animals and their removal from homes or business.  Whether they be raccoons, snakes, squirrels, bats or possums, George is a valued vendor used by many real estate professionals to help alleviate unwanted animal intrusion in someone’s attic or crawl space.

George is also a chimney sweep and he touches some of the concerns for homeowners, buyers & sellers.

George can be reached at 800 437-1375.



Ryan & Brittany Paschal started their business in 2012. What has transpired over these last 6 years is transformative.

Pineland Homes & Remodeling, LLC has become one of the most recognized names in new construction in Southern Pines specifically, but Moore County in general.  Ryan was voted Builder of the Year for 2018 and in 2019 will serve as President of The Moore County Home Builders Association.

Brittany Paschal heads up Front Runner Realty Group, which is a family business with her parents, Kim & Frank Strange.  Brittany has distinguished herself as one of the area’s top brokers as well as a proactive Realtor member of the MCRAR, serving on many community driven committees.  She was voted New Member of the Year in 2016.  She also serves as Ryan’s chief design, décor & aesthetics consultant on his new construction homes.

Together the Paschals have become a very positive and strong force in Changing & improving the landscape of Moore County.

Front Runner Realty Group
910 315-9998
250 N. Bennett St.
Southern Pines, N.C.

Moore County Home Builders Association : MCHBA