Penick Village

PENICK VILLAGE – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

CEO Jeff Hutchens, COO Carolyn Hendricks & CDO Hunter Wortham talk all about Penick Village, located behind the Weymouth House in Southern Pines.,

From the founding of Penick Village to the challenges and rewards of today, these three committed individuals, with a combined 55 years of experience, cover the premise and philosophy of this iconic Independent & Assisted living Family based center.

From their website:

Penick Village has a distinct, multi-dimensional approach to keeping our residents healthy and happy. Our vision is based on an uncompromising commitment to deinstitutionalizing the aging experience. What does this mean? In its simplest terms, we strive daily to provide a welcoming home to our residents and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement: “We are a family creating a loving community by making each day great for one another.”



As a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, this mission along with our vision of deinstitutionalization, is of great importance to the organization and influences each and every decision made. Both our vision and mission include our residents, their families, and our co-workers while also encompassing all elders in our community.

We’ve recently adapted the philosophy of “Making Today Great,” a mission to encourage our residents and staff everyday to enhance the health and wellbeing of every member of the Penick family through stewardship and service.  Around campus you will see employees wearing green buttons as a daily reminder of our heartfelt pledge to our community.

Real Estate Radio Show – Saturday from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. – 990 A.M. WEEB

We just completed our 4th weekly radio show, and we focused on the First Time Buyer Tax Credit, the values of working with a Local Lender, and got to hear a first hand experience from one of Eun-Mi Passmore’s clients who just closed on a home in Southern Pines. His story really does hit home. Victoria Spannaus from Wells Fargo and Tim Venjohn our Association President were our guests.

Next week we will be speaking with Wayne Haddock of Pinehurst Homes and Bill & Sue Reaves from the Moore County Homebuilders Association.

Although they don’t podcast the shows at this point, you can go on line to hear the broadcast.

We are starting to get alot of interest from our local area professionals who want to participate.
Thanks for indulging me:)

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