Deanna Krespach

Dear Bill,

I cannot thank you enough for the EXCELLENT SERVICE you provided my daughter & son-in-law, Beth & Tyler.  As a realtor myself, I understand the extra time and effort that goes into guiding a first-time homebuyer AND educating buyers who are unfamiliar with the area.
Your personal attention through negotiations, inspections, loan process, follow-up and communication has been outstanding.
Thank you!
Very warmest regards and gratitude,
Deanna Krespach
Broker/Owner, Downing-Frye Realty Inc.

Emily Matthews

Thank you, Bill, for helping my children through a very difficult transaction. I wish you could bottle your patience and finesse.  I would be first in line! I believe they would have given up if not for you.  I am so excited to have my family so close!


Emily Matthews

Aaron & Becky Dye

Bill, this is why we use you. You know what you are doing. You provide us with valuable insight that we trust and you give us the freedom to make the decision we feel is best for us based on the information at hand. It is rare trait and we understand it. These sentiments are why we have continued to use you over the years and always recommended you to other people – most importantly Greg and Meg!

Aaron & Becky Dye
Nov. 30, 2012

Lisa Wilson, Seller



This transaction is a testament to your extreme fortitude.  There is no one else who could have effectively managed this crazy sale.  IT WOULD HAVE FALLEN APART without your amazing intuition, communication, and dedication.  Thank you, thank you!  We are in your debt.  As Ramey and I were looking over the closing statement, Ramey said, “Bill earned every penny of that commission!”.  No truer words have been spoken : )


You’ve been a delight to work with and we consider you a friend.  I will tell you AGAIN that we consider you an answer to months of prayer regarding realtor choice. We wish you God’s best as you continue to help others with their houses and we WILL stay in touch!


Lisa Wilson