Our Retailers’ Plight in the era of Coronavirus

Betsy Saye of Eloise Trading Company, Leslie Habets of Jack Hadden Floral & Event Design and Lily Rose, Amanda Jakl of the Purple Thistle and Haley Sumner of Pink in the Pines represent a good cross section of retailers in the So. Pines, Aberdeen and Pinehurst areas.

They speak about the unspeakable damage this virus has done to their businesses during what would normally be the strong spring selling season.




Moore County residents Betsy Saye, Kirsten Foyles and Dottie Black lend a heartfelt and articulate voice to the discovery, trials, tributations and small triumphs of what it is like to be the mother/parent/friend to their Type 1 diabetic children.  Their perspective and advice can serve as a valuable aid to families who have or are experiencing the presence of Type 1 diabetes with their own children.  From the symptom discovery to the management of this, as yet, incurable disease, Betsy, Kirsten and Dottie offer great information with many positive personal stories of their children’s special challenges and their siblings support.  They take us into the everyday lives of Lauren, age 9, Anna Grace, age 11, and Stephen, age 13.

JDRF was founded by parents of Type 1 children and is the only global organization with a strategic plan to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until it is no longer a threat to anyone. http://jdrf.org/.

Betsy & Dottie speak about their 4th annual tennis fundraiser at the Pinehurst Country Club to be held Nov. 2nd & 3rd.


Kirsten Foyles speaks about their yearly fundraising walk as TEAM LOLO in Winston-Salem on Oct. 26th. www.walk.jdrf.org.  You can register at this link:  https://secure3.convio.net/jdrf3/site/TRR/Walk-NC/Chapter-PiedmontTriad4477/1679297717?pg=utype&fr_id=2468, or support one of the 45 participating walkers at : https://secure3.convio.net/jdrf3/site/Donation2?idb=1957533721&df_id=4394&FR_ID=2468&PROXY_ID=1516134&PROXY_TYPE=20&4394.donation=form1&4394.donation=root&FR_ID=2468&idb=30962740&df_id=4394&PROXY_TYPE=20&PROXY_ID=1516134

The Saye, Black, Foyles & Stokes families are committed to doing everything they can to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes in their children’s lifetimes.

Listen now:


Destination Aberdeen, North Carolina

Kathy Liles, the Planning Director of Aberdeen, joins Betsy Saye, business owner of “111 Main St” & Ariel Kowalick, owner of Miron Tile & the Aberdeen Bead Shop to discuss the revitalization of the downtown area of Aberdeen and the many activities & changes that Aberdeen has to offer Moore County residents and new families moving to our area.