Fifteen million people in the United States have a food allergy. On average you will find two students per classroom that have food allergies. This week, our topic is food allergy awareness to commemorate food allergy awareness month. Our guest host, Calli Brielle McIntyre, is Miss Moore County’s Outstanding Teen, and a food allergy sufferer herself. Her panel includes 10 year old Xander Flowe, a homeschooled student with 8 food allergies, Tiffany Kramer, a first grade teacher at Vass-Lakeview Elementary and a mother of a child with a food allergy, and Hershal Smith, pharmacist and co-owner of The Village Apothecary. Xander is one of the most articulate and courageous young men you will ever listen to. His stories and recollections paint the most vivid word pictures about the devasting adjustments people afflicted with food allegies have to make. Together, they have an informative conversation on how people can better educate themselves on this growing occurrence. For more information on food allergies, please visit and


Picture of Tiffany Kramer and Hershal SmithPicture of Callie, Xander, Tiffany and Hershal

Miss Moore County’s Outstanding Teen 2018 – 910-280-2931 –

*this is Calli’s 2nd show serving as the host of All Things Moore County. Calli turns 17 this weekend. She continues to demonstrate leadership qualities, independence, courage and spirit well beyond her years. Watching her activity schedule this past year and her full participation in making a difference in Moore County has been something to see.

Thank you Calli. – Bill Sahadi



Callie McIntyre Host


“It was a pleasure to have Calli McIntyre host this week’s show. Calli was a past guest in Sept. 2017. I offered her the chance to host her own show because I knew she would excel. I don’t think this charismatic young lady, who is a junior at Pinecrest, ever met a challenge she didn’t wrap her arms around. She organized the show, the synopsis, the guests and the content without any help from me. She achieves everyday. I’m very proud to present Calli’s show.” – Bill Sahadi This week’s segment of All Things Moore County includes a conversation about the arts in Moore County schools. Featured guests, Pinecrest theatre educator, Adam Faw, and Pinecrest senior and stage manager, Megan Bankos, are interviewed by Calli Brielle McIntyre, who is Miss Moore County’s Outstanding Teen 2018 and Bill Sahadi‘s protégé. As you will see and hear, Moore County schools are filled with talented artists from all corners of the county. In fact, across the state, Union Pines, Pinecrest, and North Moore are referred to as the “Holy Trinity” of theatre departments. Adam and Megan give a preview about upcoming shows and also important information on how people can give much needed donations to these amazing programs.



Calli Brielle McIntyre is a high school honor student at Pinecrest High School and the reigning Miss Moore County’s Outstanding Teen in the Miss North Carolina Scholarship program.

She is an accomplished dancer, actress, singer and community activist. Calli leads with her heart and her ‘old soul’.

Her Platform for this coming year is Food Allergies. She has written a book, The Anteater that Couldn’t Eat Ants, to drive her point home. Her own peanut allergy, discovered early on, gave her the impetus to write this book as an 8th grader!

Currently she is working with State Representative Jamie Boles to help pass House Bill 520 to require restaurants to more properly prepare for occurrences of food allergies in their established place of business.

Her resume of theatrical accomplishments, spanning 11 years, and her leadership role as Founder/Director of Crowning Purpose, Inc. speaks to her passion, her grit and her heart.

As you’ll hear, Calli is fearless, confident, gracious, articulate, loving, disciplined and focused. In 9 years of hosting All Things Moore County, I am hard pressed to recall anyone of her age more impressive or endearing.