The essence of any viable community comprises a combination of jobs and schools.

Moore County has the opportunity & privilege of addressing the needs of our public school system when citizens go to the polls on March 15th to vote on the proposed 1/4 cent sales tax. Local attorney Bruce Cunningham wrote an excellent opinion in the Pilot on Feb. 10th.

Panel members of this important show include School board member, Helena Wallin-Miller, grass roots organizer & Parents for Moore administrator, Karin Kent, and the Executive Director of the Moore County Schools Operations, John Birath.



With the overcrowding of our school system and with the need to upgrade and build new facilities, our guests speak eloquently and passionately about the 1/4 cent Sales tax, The sales tax increase does not apply to groceries, gas or prescription drugs and will be paid for by residents and visitors alike.

Currently 27 other counties (including Montgomery, Cumberland, Durham, Robeson, Lee) already have a sales tax at the same rate. This additional tax will stay in Moore County and is specifically earmarked towards improving the infrastructure of our current schools and insuring that Moore County is best prepared for our continued growth over these next few decades.

State cuts have made this tax a necessity but one borne of good common sense and one that is sensitive to the needs of all its citizens.

As Karin Kent stated, “this tax would result in a paying 5 cents for every $20.00 spent here but the lifeblood this tax will provide will be remarkable in making Moore County more responsive to the needs of the students.”

The conversation has to change in Moore County and these three dedicated individuals go a long way to making that conversation a reality for the betterment of all.

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