Head of School Katherine Rucker, Assistant Head of School, Markisha Young, and board member Taylor Clement discuss the benefits of a 'free' public Montessori School education and what a rarity it is to have a public option in a non-urban area, since the majority of Montessori schools nationwide require a private school tuition cost model.
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In discussing this option there is also a wonderful opportunity to pursue the acquisition of the Southern Pines elementary school on May St. in the downtown Southern Pines area to accommodate the growth of the Moore Montessori school and preserve the character of the downtown corridor.

More than that, these three gifted women walk us thru the process of learning and the process of in class non-punitive discipline in a Montessori environment.

In a time when the demographic shift continues to change and the demand for the best schools for our children is paramount, this ‘no cost’ alternative for the best elementary school education and the long term benefits of preserving the downtown area of So. Pines makes so much sense on every level.


Moore Montessori and the Southern Pines Elementary School – A New Home, A New Beginning?

Moore Montessori is looking for a new home. Head of School Katherine Rucker and Board Member Taylor Clement join Bill Sahadi to discuss the possibility of moving to the soon-to-be vacant Southern Pines Elementary School Campus on May Street. This deal would present a unique opportunity to preserve the beautiful brick campus that has become a landmark of Southern Pines, maintain the campus as downtown public school and bring exciting educational opportunities and wrap-around services to Southern Pines families.

Head of School, Kathleen Rucker

Board chairperson – Taylor Clement

Moore Montessori (MMCS) is a public charter school in Southern Pines, NC, currently serving students in grades K-3rd. Since founding in 2018, the staff has delivered a high-quality education to a diverse group of students from area. Demand for the school is high: each year hundreds of families apply for the open enrollment lottery for the chance to secure a seat at this desirable public school. One of only 500 public Montessori programs in the United States, the school has a track record of academic success, a racially diverse staff, and economically diverse student body.

In May, The Pilot endorsed MMCS's potential move to the SPES campus. -

For more on the school, and how to support MMCS -


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