A Valentines Day Perspective – with author Dr. Dennis Tirch – Compassion Focused Therapy

Author Dr. Dennis Tirch, the author of The Compassionate Mind Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, is our guest along with Southern Pines psychologist, Dr. Kira Rogers and Penick Village marketing Director and Yoga instructor, Julie Tampa.

Valentines Day Guests

Valentines Day is meant to envelope us in love, hopefulness and happiness with that special someone in your life.

For many, being alone on Valentines Day brings up the not so gentle reminder that nearly 30% of Americans will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime. Compassion focused psychologist, Dr. Dennis Tirch, who, using an integration of Behavior Therapy, Buddhist Psychology and Evolutionary Neuroscience, is helping people learn to be kinder to themselves, soothe their anxiety and step forward into a life of meaning, purpose and vitality through his new book. www.mindfulcompassion.com. The 28 minute interview during the middle of the show touches on so many important facets of behavior and genuinely helps to “stir the pot” and help us to see things differently or at least from a different vantage point.

Best Selling Author, Laurie Puhn discusses her book, FIGHT LESS, LOVE MORE – Feb. 11th – 12th

Fight Less, Love More Laurie Puhn, Harvard lawyer, couples mediator, TV personality on The Early Show, Good Morning America, Fox News and CNN, and bestselling author of “Fight Less, Love More,” reports the interesting results people have of Valentines Day, and with plenty of advice for couples in relationships and how to improve them. www.fightlesslovemore.com Exec. Director Susan Sherrard and chairperson Nita Bruner open the show to discuss The Literacy Council of Moore County and the upcoming Spelling Bee for Literacy fundraiser to be held on Thursday evening, Feb. 16th at Sandhills Community College.