The Encore Center continues to work around Covid issues with a busy yet cautiously crafted schedule of events.

Director of Education Jacob Toth brings Laura Morgan to the show to discuss the A.R. Gurney Pulitzer nominated play, LOVE LETTERS.
Laura is currently Mrs. Senior North Carolina and an experienced actress and performer who resides in Pinehurst.
Bill Sahadi will join Laura on stage to perform the script consisting of over 50 years of ‘letters’ between 1930 – 1980.

The Encore Center is partnering with Ashten’s Restaurant to provide a Dinner/Show package.


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Credit Essentials

Michael McNamara, Southern Trust Mortgage VP of the Credit Mortgage Office is a licensed CE Instructor, recognized credit expert & board adviser for the Southern Trust Mortgage Company. Laura Glasby is their top producing loan officer with offices in Southern Pines and Fayetteville.

Together they discuss many ways to help people improve their credit scores by a following some simple rules.  Much of this advice can alter and improve scores within 72 hours.

  • Ways to Improve Credit Scores
  • Different Credit Score Models
  • Pre-Application Credit Check up
  • Ways to Increase a Credit score
  • Impact of Inquiries
  • Credit Bureau Contacts
  • Fraud Alert & Security Freeze
  • Rebuilding Credit

From a real estate broker’s perspective, Southern Trust can provide buyers with a path to improving credit scores and qualifying for better interest rates.

This information is important to hear as it dispels many myths, whether you are a home buyer or not.

Fore Properties real estate broker, Tracy Gibson, joins the panels and helps provide a myriad of questions that many clients may ask.  Her firsthand experience and knowledge of this process makes her a valuable asset to any home buyer.

Laura Glasby – 910 850-7194, www.southerntrust.com/laura
Michael McNamara – 443 864-1150, e mail: mmcnamara@southerntrust.com

Real Estate – Fighting for a Buyer

It’s always frustrating, if not maddening, when the appraisal comes in low on a sale of a home. Buying a home is very emotional for both buyers and sellers, and the last thing anyone wants is some appraiser telling the parties involved that the home isn’t worth what they agreed upon. Personally, I don’t know of any appraiser who likes coming in low on the sale of a home; frankly it’s a major headache. If there is a true arm’s length purchase agreement between a willing and knowledgeable buyer, and a willing and knowledgeable seller – that is the very definition of market value!

The challenge comes when buyers want to use someone else’s money for their purchase, the banks. Appraisers don’t make the market; they interpret it, and give their opinion of value based on that interpretation. But, any interpretation or opinion of value also has to follow standards set by: USPAP, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD (FHA), investor guidelines (Wells Fargo, B of A, Flagstar, etc.), and the originating lenders guidelines. Then appraisers have to meet all of those guidelines, using a reduced number of available comparable sales.

What we have now is banks wanting appraisals with perfect comparable sales. They are also enforcing the strictest lending and appraisal guidelines in history. Add to that the fact that there are less comparable sales than normal, and buyers (and sellers) are at the mercy of the current “comparables.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that the home’s value is absolute, it just means that buyers can only borrow against what an appraiser can prove on paper. And, without a loan, there’s no sale. If a home is unique, it may be more difficult to find quality comps. In that case, the home may appraise below the contract price. Buyers are also learning that just because the appraisal is below the contract price, it does not automatically mean the price they agreed to pay isn’t fair. There are so many “it depends” situations in selling a home today, a good Realtor® can make the difference between simply getting frustrated with the process or getting your home sold.

For a seller, the best thing to do is to have an appraisal done first (and a home inspection). The most knowledgeable Realtors® will tell you that having an appraisal done, prior to listing your property, is just a necessary ingredient in today’s real estate process. If you really want to sell your home in this highly competitive market, you have to know upfront what a typical buyer may be able to borrow on your home. Pricing and condition are both critical to attract a buyer in this market. Real estate has always had cycles of buyer’s and seller’s markets. Today, it is a buyer’s market if there ever was one. They want it all, and they want it at a bargain price.

Right now, in most markets, the reality is there are more sellers than buyers. Sellers have set a realistic price to begin with, and find a Realtor® who understands what it takes to get a home sold in today’s marketplace. Sellers need to think like buyers. Have a pre-listing appraisal, look at the current competition, and price your home to move to the head of the class. You only get one shot at a first impression. No price reduction later ever has the same effect. If you want to sell your home today, you have to come armed with the ammunition to win the battle for buyers. By Michael Bolton & Hamp Thomas – Carolina Appraisers – Southern Pines, N.C. housingtechnologies@gmail.com.

How To Sell Your Home in Today’s Market

Proven tips to increase the odds of getting your house sold in our market are brought to life by Bill Sahadi, CRS & broker/owner of Fore Properties Realty of Southern Pines, N.C.

In addition to actual experiences of other sellers that Bill shares in a free flowing and conversational format, Bill also gives potential sellers an insight into the psychology of today’s buyer as well as the role of a good buyer agent.

This overview gives today’s sellers specific advice and proven methods to enhance their chances of reaching a timely sale on their home.

All Things Real Estate on WEEB AM 990

All Things Real Estate Moore County, NCCatch Bill on All Things Real Estate, Moore County’s real estate forum talk show created to provide our homeowners, home sellers, and home buyers valuable information and tips to maximize their home purchasing, home selling and home enhancing experience. We want to cut through the news, and the misperceptions and serve as a public forum to give each and every listener straight talk and straight information about our most valuable asset.

Join host Bill Sahadi, CRS.  The first show will air on Saturday, Aug. 29th.