A Full Price Offer & Contract in 12 Days!

A Recipe for Success in Today’s Market
by Bill Sahadi

If you could liken a successful residential offer and contract in less than two weeks, and at full price, to a carefully crafted meal, it might look a little something like this:

1 thorough up front market analysis & marketing plan
2 cups of PRICING ahead of the Market Curve
1 helping of full blown pre listing inspections & subsequent follow up repairs
1 sprinkling of a professionally drawn out floor plan with exact and verifiable heated square footage
1 spotless de cluttered interior
2 well manicured yards (front & back)
4 generous helpings of neutral interior colors
1 additional information packet about the home (utilities, warranties, informational booklets)
1 very well informed & savvy SELLER
Cooking Directions:
Don’t stress how about they are combined or prepared. This is for your Realtor to do. Sit back and let them do their job.
Final Preparation:
All we are missing is to determine how much “pricing” we are going to add. Add too much and the indigestion and heartburn will stay with you longer then you can imagine. All the preliminary work you did could all be for naught and leave a bad taste in your mouth. Honor the current market data by adding the right price to the mix and you increase the odds of a enjoying a satisfying and rewarding banquet.

Final Note of Caution:
All ingredients are necessary to achieve the end result. By eliminating any one ingredient you are jeopardizing the overall presentation & quality to your guests and possibly to your ready, willing, able and preapproved diners. And just a heartfelt pre dinner prayer without the necessary preparation is no longer the automatic ticket to the finish line as it once might have been.
If you’re going to spend that much time in the kitchen, you might as well get it right the first time.
A professional full time Realtor has taken all the culinary classes necessary to help oversee and shepherd you thru this process. Let them help you find the right ingredients and the right procedures so they can shout it out to your dinner guests and to the entire world with the click of a few of their specialized utensils.
And to our savvy seller who only had their home on the market this past month for 12 days……bon appétit!
A job well done deserves a hearty round of applause and an after dinner drink of your choosing.

Bill Sahadi is the Broker/Owner of Fore Properties Realty Inc. in Southern Pines

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