Bill, I wanted to follow up with you about our conversation this morning, which I can only say was difficult for me, and I want to start by thanking you for being the professional and the gentleman that we have come to know you to be. I realize that you have gone to great lengths to list and market our house and while I know that you understand full well how the real estate business is, I know that we owe you at least a large thanks and an apology, and I hope that we can make this up to you in some way. We would absolutely recommend your services to anyone.
As we discussed, Tricia and I have always been reluctant sellers of our house at 30 Orange, but have considered it in recent time as our family has grown with the children getting married and now with a set of twins on the way.  The house is too small for all of us to be there, even though that happens infrequently, so we started to look around.  We were really very excited to find 215 Daffodil, it is one of the most charming and family friendly homes we have ever seen. The owners seemed like the nicest people we could have dealt with and the house still shows their warmth even without furnishings in it. So that situation was compelling to us and got us over our reluctance to sell 30 Orange. 
We fully expected to have to explain to our friends and neighbors and knew that would be difficult for us and that proved to be the case.  We had not anticipated that our children would react as they did; they love 30 Orange and the memories we already have there. So they put us back in the reluctant category for sure. 
Your efforts at marketing our house have been exceptional and we are hearing from all kinds of sources that our house looks so good on the internet and all of that kind of thing. You are so good at what you do, that it made us realize we really were going to sell our house in the Village and move.  While the Village is clearly lacking in a number of ways at this point, it is still a charming place and our family has come to love it and we all hope that it will again one day offer more of the kind of charm and activity that got us there in the first place.  So we would miss that.
The bottom line is that all of this made us sit down again and have a heart to heart about what we were doing, and it is just clear to us at this point that we are not ready to make this move, even as attractive as Daffodil is. So rather than have you and others continuing to expect us to proceed to a sale, we felt we had to do something now and not later. 
We feel that we have to take our house off the market at this time and we will calm down and try not to wonder what might have been.  I wish the Dyes well and hope that prospective buyers in the Village will find something that they will love there like we have.  I want to end where I began, thanking you for being such a good guy and for taking this news so well.  I am sorry for causing anyone any problems in this emotional process for us, and certainly you are at the top of that list.  Thank you for your efforts, your approach to us and to your work, for being a really good and straight-shooting guy and for your understanding of our circumstances. We will hope to at least cross paths with you again in the area.
My highest and best regards. 
Dan Hartzog

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