Local area artists Janessa McKibbin & Hannah Jones are independent artists as well as artistic guides at Wine & Design in Southern Pines https://www.wineanddesign.com/calenda… They are joined by Fore Properties real estate brokers, Christian McCarthy & Tracy Gibson to discuss the local art scene as well as the relationship between the art world and our local real estate world in Moore County. Art captures emotion, spirit and intentionality. Tracy and Christian’s take on some of their first hand experiences with clients purchasing a home and the emotion attached to it takes on a different meaning when commemorated with home sketches, watercolors, renditions of a home’s front door as well as other keepsakes that go with homeowners throughout their lives. If a photograph captures a memory, an artistic rendition captures that memories spirit and always holds it near to the heart.

Janessa McKibbin

Originally from Arizona, Janessa says, “I have never lived within such a forest.” She has resided in Moore County for six years.. She has been an artist and creator for a long as she can remember. As a child, she remembers getting so frustrated when “my hands didn’t do what my eyes saw.” Janessa earned a Bachelor in Fine arts degree from the Arizona State University in Painting and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. “My intention was to not only refine my artist skills within the classroom, but also learn more about Art historically. Most everything in my daily controlled environment is done with some sort of creative approach.”

Janessa is a mother, a navy veteran, and a ‘forever student’ learning and deciphering this life journey. She specializes in both water colors and oil painting. Her take is always spiritual in nature and her vision is extraordinary. One of the joys of her art is the opportunity to capture the homes, the architecture and the magnificent visuals Moore County provides.

Hannah Jones (from her bio)

I’m originally from Colorado. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado (A different UNC!) with a Visual Arts degree specializing in K-12 Art Education. My husband is military, so like many military folks, we ended up here in NC! But I love Southern Pines, and we have many treasured memories living in this town.

After moving here in 2010, I taught as an Art Teacher for 6 years for Hoke County Schools I am currently working as a Manager for our Southern Pines Studio, but you’ll also see me instructing some of the classes here and there to keep my “Art Buzz” going! I love every-single-thing about this job. At Wine & Design, I get to challenge my own artistic capabilities. I am able to de-stress (at work!!) from all the chaos of being a busy mom and military wife. I also get to be part of a group of women artists that I consider to be “my tribe.” We work so well as a team, and I am constantly inspired by not only their artistic talent, but by their personal stories that shape them into the strong women they are today. Lastly, I get see our customers fulfill their own self-care when they come into the studio. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people (artistic or not) let loose, have fun, and actually love what they created in just 2 short hours. I’m constantly striving to help reach potential customers that might be missing that certain spark in their life. I’ve been at this studio for almost 2 years, and I can say without a doubt, every time I leave work, I feel energized and full of ideas. Like I said… I love every single thing about this company. I know what it’s like to get bogged down by stress. Wine & Design thankfully breaks that apart and provides an experience for people to express themselves and connect with others in a therapeutic way. Cheers to that! Much love to all our loyal (and new!) customers and our amazing staff.

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