Credit Essentials

Michael McNamara, Southern Trust Mortgage VP of the Credit Mortgage Office is a licensed CE Instructor, recognized credit expert & board adviser for the Southern Trust Mortgage Company. Laura Glasby is their top producing loan officer with offices in Southern Pines and Fayetteville.

Together they discuss many ways to help people improve their credit scores by a following some simple rules.  Much of this advice can alter and improve scores within 72 hours.

  • Ways to Improve Credit Scores
  • Different Credit Score Models
  • Pre-Application Credit Check up
  • Ways to Increase a Credit score
  • Impact of Inquiries
  • Credit Bureau Contacts
  • Fraud Alert & Security Freeze
  • Rebuilding Credit

From a real estate broker’s perspective, Southern Trust can provide buyers with a path to improving credit scores and qualifying for better interest rates.

This information is important to hear as it dispels many myths, whether you are a home buyer or not.

Fore Properties real estate broker, Tracy Gibson, joins the panels and helps provide a myriad of questions that many clients may ask.  Her firsthand experience and knowledge of this process makes her a valuable asset to any home buyer.

Laura Glasby – 910 850-7194,
Michael McNamara – 443 864-1150, e mail:

Unlock the Power – Personality & Work Behavior Assessment

DISC..Unlock the Power – Personality & Work Behavior Assessment at Keller
Williams – March 24th – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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What is your best work realm? Driver..Influence…Steady, Stable…Compliance

Teacher, trainer and Keller Williams real estate broker, Cynthia Matheny talks about the value of DISC assessment to help any person find their strengths and power to best maximize their potential in any work force or any organization.

Cynthia will be speaking and training at the Keller Williams Market Center at 195 Short Street, Southern Pines from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 24th. There is no charge to attend this workshop.

Keller Williams team leader, Ashley Johnson joins me to discuss with Cynthia the important ramifications of knowing your strengths and how to most effectively work seamlessly with others.



IMG_0004Brokers Bill Smith of Berkshire Hathaway and Kristin Mueller of Coldwell Banker discuss the real estate landscape in Moore County in 2015.

The conversation revolves around Valuations, Tax Records, Zillow, Social Media, Buyer psychology, Appraisals, the Military Buyer and great tips for Sellers.


Francy Thompson of Total Design Solutions ( and Dan & Ken Portu of Heritage Hardwood Floors join forces to discuss the many options of hardwood flooring, laminates, composites and engineered flooring materials available to today’s homeowner. A lot of attention is given to the detail of selection and the justification for one type of flooring over another especially in lieu of potential moisture issues that are not always properly taken into account by homeowners when these decisions are being made.

Pinehurst’s Live After Five is coming up on Aug. 17th in the Village of Pinehurst. Musician and music teacher, Tom Bernett joins us to discuss his Swing Street Band, who will be playing at this event, as well as the local musicians who will be joining him. ( The Swing Street Band has a collective total of 250 years of performing experience. (

Home Measurement Specialist (HMS)

Southern Pines, N.C. February 28, 2012. Bill Sahadi of Fore Properties has been awarded the Home Measurement Specialist Certification (HMS®) by the Institute of Housing Technologies, LLC. Sahadi joins a select group of agents and appraisers who hold this highly sought-after certification, the only advanced real estate program geared towards the power of size in the home comparison and valuation processes. Sahadi achieved this prestigious designation after completing 18 hours of course work and extensive examinations. The courses were created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of industry experts from across the country; ensuring designees gain comprehensive knowledge of the ANSI® measurement standard, the overall impact of square footage and “price-per-square-foot” on home prices, and its influence on market timing strategies. HMS® designees are trained and committed to delivering buyers and sellers true “value added services,” helping buyers and sellers obtain a fair value in today’s competitive marketplace.


“In today’s marketplace a broker has got to be able to quantify as much information as possible for the seller and buyer. Exact square footage is the first benchmark of quantifiable information that is utilized in the appraisal process.  That is why a prelisting appraisal is so important in today’s market. There is nothing more disheartening than to receive a contract on a home and have the appraisal come in short of value, when that heartache could have easily been avoided upfront.  A prelisting appraisal is also great insurance if the contract appraisal, done by an out of town appraiser, comes up short due to lack of familiarity with our area.


Working with Hamp Thomas of the Institute of Housing Technologies as a prelisting appraiser and pricing consultant, gives our sellers a distinct advantage in today’s market.  At the end of the day our primary role is to give the most reliable information, manage expectations and minimize surprises,” Sahadi concludes.


HMS® offers unique strategies, tools, sites and services of particular value to top real estate professionals and their clients. In today’s unique real estate environment, it has never been more important to understand the home valuation process. The Council of Certified Measurement Specialists is a real estate information research organization, offering numerous books, videos, and continuing education courses in real estate and appraisal. The Institute’s goal is to improve the real estate information network  and help to stabilize home valuation and mortgage security. To view all the qualifications and requirements to achieve this prestigious Certification, visit HYPERLINK “” For further information contact Bill Sahadi with Fore Properties at HYPERLINK “”