The Crawlspace Carpenter, Inc. has been in business locally going on 3 years.

Solomon Lopez is a great resource of information about the remediation procedures and misconceptions of crawl space maintenance.
From encapsulation to vapor barriers, moisture to humidity, clean out to fungus, his overview is valuable for home sellers and buyers alike.

His straightforward, no-nonsense way of articulating the issues he finds in the field, help demystify the process of insuring any homeowner’s crawl space
is safe and well managed at an affordable cost.

Solomon Lopez 910-215-7879


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Equipping a New Generation of Leaders

Moore County resident, Dr. Jolene Erlacher, is a writer, coach & public speaker. She has written 3 books and her website is full of broad based information on generational challenges. Jolene is joined by Kayla Boesch of Gingerly Media Marketing. Jolene has twin daughters, age 9 and Kayla a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter.

Young people today face unique challenges and opportunities. In this episode, we discuss the impact of technology, parenting and educational trends, and changing social norms on kids and youth today. Practical strategies are presented for engaging with young people in ways that model healthy behaviors, promote meaningful relationships, and equip the next generation with resilience and skills that will help them thrive and lead in the future.

Jolene Erlacher, Ed.D.
Speaker I Instructor I Coach


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A ONE-MAN SHOW – With special guest Paul Murphy

Critically acclaimed interviewer, impressionist, musician, singer and storyteller, Roy Firestone, brings a unique type of show to Moore County on Saturday evening, July 16th at 7:30 p.m. at the Owens auditorium at Sandhills Community College. His spirited conversation covers so many of the bases that will highlight his show on July 16th. Executive Director of the Arts Council of Moore County, Chris Dunn and musician Paul Murphy join us
for the conversation. From his vantage point, Roy, who was born in the 50’s has an uncanny ability to create a tapestry of culture from the personalities he has known in the sports world and from the artists he grew up and interacted with.

He is well known as the Emmy Award winning host of ESPN’s Up Close Primetime television show and his iconic role in the well-known movie, Jerry Maguire. As you’ll hear, this was only the beginning as Roy has evolved into a multi-level entertainment talent and easy chair humorous philosopher.

The One Man Show is brought to you by the Arts Council of Moore County –



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The Journey from Serving the Country by Serving the Community

Colonel Walter P. Havenstein ’71, USMCR (Ret.), spent a lifetime of service in the Marines where he specialized in tactical communications and systems acquisitions management. For his service, Colonel Havenstein was awarded the Legion of Merit. He launched a remarkable career in in the aerospace and defense industry and served as CEO at BAE Systems, Inc. & Science Application International Corporation.

Robert Milligan has served as an officer and Chief Executive in numerous roles in his distinguished career. (President – Tribal Tech LLC, Cowan Associates). Sr. VP – CACI, Chantilly, Va. He also serves as an instructor at the Darden Foundation (Darden School of Business) helping to facilitate the Darden’s Executive Education Program in support of Army, Navy and DLA. He also has been affiliated with Ruehlin Associates Career Consulting offering one week career transition seminars for senior military personnel ranging from E9 to 06.

Both men are passionate and committed to paying it forward and working with today’s young military personnel as they move from military to civilian life.

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Michael Parker and Nicholas LaSala Jr. are spearheading an effort to inform the public about the advantages of promoting small family farms to preserve and protect the ambiance and heritage of Moore County as stated in the County’s Land Use Plan.

Michael owns Terrace Ridge Farm, a family farm since 1926. Nicholas and his wife own Victory Vineyard in Cameron.


Terrace Ridge Farm, LLC –

Victory Vineyard – Facebook – Victoryvineyardllc

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