Head of School Katherine Rucker, Assistant Head of School, Markisha Young, and board member Taylor Clement discuss the benefits of a 'free' public Montessori School education and what a rarity it is to have a public option in a non-urban area, since the majority of Montessori schools nationwide require a private school tuition cost model.
910 636-1325

In discussing this option there is also a wonderful opportunity to pursue the acquisition of the Southern Pines elementary school on May St. in the downtown Southern Pines area to accommodate the growth of the Moore Montessori school and preserve the character of the downtown corridor.

More than that, these three gifted women walk us thru the process of learning and the process of in class non-punitive discipline in a Montessori environment.

In a time when the demographic shift continues to change and the demand for the best schools for our children is paramount, this ‘no cost’ alternative for the best elementary school education and the long term benefits of preserving the downtown area of So. Pines makes so much sense on every level.

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Moore County Schools – RESTART INITIATIVE

2019 North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Mariah Morris and Aberdeen Elementary School Principal, Dante Poole, walk us through the MCS RESTART INITIATIVE.

Mariah and Dante and great speakers and advocates for MCS.  Their conversation brings light and clarity to this new initiative and their enthusiasm for the program is contagious.

Their focus is on Aberdeen Elementary, Southern Middle and Robbins Elementary.

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Straight Talk on Public Schools Helena Wallin-Miller

Hosting All Things Moore County for the last 11 years has given me a first row seat to the many Points of Light we have living in Moore County. Helena Wallin-Miller is one of those Points of Light. Her service to Moore County and her consistency, dedication and fortitude to the students and teachers of Moore County Schools is readily evident in her overview of her 5 years of experience serving on the MCS Board of Education and her hopes and goals for the future of our school system.

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Executive Director Anne Friesen is joined by Caroline Reynolds and Winona Caruthers to discuss domestic violence, the mission and challenges of Friend to Friend and to introduce a new program – Batterer Intervention Program.

Batterer Intervention Program Director – Caroline Reynolds - MSW, LCSWA
Our Batterer Intervention Program is a brand-new program to Moore County launching this month. Our goal is to promote victim safety by addressing domestic violence at its source: the perpetrator. Domestic violence is a complex issue with many factors, but one thing we know for sure is that the cycle won't end unless the person committing the violence changes their beliefs and behaviors. That's what we strive to help our participants do, using a group model that promotes personal accountability and requires deep self-reflection. The program is 26 weeks long, with weekly discussion groups focused on different topics relating to healthy, equitable, and non-violent relationships. Participants are typically referred by the court system, by probation/parole, or by DSS, and are mandated to the program due to their involvement in a domestic violence-related incident. We're really excited to get started, and really excited to see what kind of an impact this program can have in Moore County!

Counselor & Housing Manager – Winona Caruthers – MSW, LCSWA
As a therapist and housing case manager, I support clients at Serenity House and clients in the community by providing therapy and wraparound case management services, focused particularly on connecting clients with safe and affordable housing options. In addition to working with clients, I build relationships in the community with public and private landlords so that our clients have more safe options when they leave our shelter.

24/7 Crisis Hot Line – 910-947-3333

Main Office – 910-947-1703
101 Monroe St.
Carthage, N.C.

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Scott's Table is a unique 'farm to table' restaurant located at 311 SE. Broad St in the
downtown area of So. Pines. 910 684-8126

The Margolis family, led by award winning chef, Scott Margolis, formerly of Penick Village, gave birth to their dream 3 1/2 years ago

His wife, Karen Margolis, talks about the evolution of the restaurant and their mutual passion for following their dream.

The atmosphere is part "Cheers" and very friendly.
Karen talks about the menu, the food prep and catering and take out.
There is a lot to be excited about at Scott's Table.

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