West Southern Pines at a Crossroads

Kim Wade – President West Southern Pines Civic Club
Rev. Dr. Paul Murphy – Pastor Trinity AME Zion Church, & member SP Town Council
Vincent Gordon – Chair Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust
Fenton Wilkinson – Land & Housing Trust Project Manager

Community leaders discuss the largely unknown history of West Southern Pines starting with the fact that in 1923 West Southern Pines was one of the first incorporated Black Towns in North Carolina, progressing to what it was like growing up in the community in the 1960’s and then to the conditions in the community today.

The initiatives by both the Land & Housing Trust and the Town of Southern Pines that engaged the current residents to describe what revitalization of West Southern Pines means to them are highlighted. The preferred path that emerged for the residents is the opportunity to improve the physical, economic and social fabric of the community while preserving their history and culture is described. The other path facing West Southern Pines at the current crossroads, gentrification, is defined and its consequences discussed. The pivotal role the fate of the currently surplused Southern Pines Primary School will play in which path is the future of West Southern Pines is explored. The show ends with very positive visions that are ahead for the community.

For more information on the redevelopment of the SP Primary School and ways to contribute visit the Land & Housing Trust website https://www.splandandhousingtrust.org/


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The Encore Center continues to work around Covid issues with a busy yet cautiously crafted schedule of events.

Director of Education Jacob Toth brings Laura Morgan to the show to discuss the A.R. Gurney Pulitzer nominated play, LOVE LETTERS.
Laura is currently Mrs. Senior North Carolina and an experienced actress and performer who resides in Pinehurst.
Bill Sahadi will join Laura on stage to perform the script consisting of over 50 years of ‘letters’ between 1930 – 1980.

The Encore Center is partnering with Ashten’s Restaurant to provide a Dinner/Show package.


910 725-0603

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Flint Long – A career in show business and Paying it Forward

Moore County resident Flint Long moved to the Sandhills in 2014 after a lifelong career in show business.
Today Flint has recreated a song he wrote 30 years ago and turned it into a virtual choir video with old friends and professional associates.
The sentiment of 30 years ago rings true today. 2020 has shown a steep rise in virtual video choirs due to Covid.
Flint shares some of his many experiences & perspectives over the years and Moore County is glad to have him.


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555 E. Connecticut Ave.
Southern Pines, N.C. 28387

Kathryn Talton – President of the Board of Directors & Publicity Chairperson
Katie Wyatt – Fundraising Co-chair & Music Committee Chair
Dorothy (Dottie) Starling – Board Member, Librarian, Archivist

The story of Weymouth is a continuous narrative of conservation, literature, music, and hospitality.
“Around Easter in 1904, a Pennsylvania industrialist and sportsman named James Boyd stepped off the train to spend the night in Southern Pines with his family. He took a carriage ride to have a look at one of the last stands of original longleaf trees. Both sportsman and naturalist, he quietly purchased 2,000 acres and set about constructing his winter home he named Weymouth, after his favorite estate in England. He had no idea the transformation he enacted.” –James Dodson (OurState Magazine)

In order to preserve and protect the Boyd House and its beautiful surroundings, Friends of Weymouth was chartered as a nonprofit corporation in 1977 and purchased the home and grounds in 1979 to establish a cultural center.

Today the Weymouth Center stands as a beacon of the history and culture of Southern Pines and the important role the Boyd family played in the evolution of Southern Pines.
The conversation from these three passionate ladies details all that the Weymouth Center has been to the community and what it is today with the hopes for what it can continue to stand for as we move forward into 2021 and beyond.

Bridge Campaign Print Sale at Eye Candy Gallery

Local artist Frank Pierce has generously offered this print (12 x 22 inches) of his gorgeous painting of the Weymouth Center for part of our Bridge Campaign.
If you're missing Weymouth or want to tap into the writing magic of the Weymouth Center, this would be a great addition to your studio. There are only 100 of these, each selling for 100 dollars and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Weymouth. If you wish to have it framed at Eye Candy Art Gallery & Framing, 15% of the proceeds of the framing go to Weymouth.
Each person who buys a print is automatically entered into a drawing for the original painting. Eye Candy Gallery – 910 246-2266

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