A First Time Buyer Success Story – The Plumbing Knight – The Electrical Knight

plumbing knight southern pinesFirst time buyer, Beth Van Kampen joins us to tell her story of how foresight, discipline, patience and careful planning can pay off in today’s real estate market.  The experiences she encountered in the purchase of her So. Pines home is as much a primer for Sellers as it is for buyers.

As a military wife with two youngs sons, Beth’s mission was to find a home that her family could live in while stationed at Ft. Bragg and sell at a profit within 3 years. She walks us through the process that allowed her to purchase a home $40,000 below appraised value, and allowed her to do the necessary improvements to the home to vastly increase the market value of the home all within a 3 month period.

Rodney Swarms, owner of the Plumbing Knight and Robert McDaniel, owner of the The Electrical Knight join Beth in the discussion and give us some important maintenance tips for our homes, whether we are buyers, sellers, or just want to insure our homes are in their best condition.

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