Accessing ADHD – Quotient ADHD System

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting both children and adults. It is described as a “persistent” or on-going pattern of inattention and/or
hyperactivity-impulsivity that gets in the way of daily life or typical development. Individuals with ADHD may also have difficulties with maintaining attention, executive function (or the brain’s ability to begin an activity, organize itself and manage tasks) and working memory.

The symptoms of ADHD often overlap with symptoms of other mental and physical health conditions. When a parent reports, “He can’t focus,” or “She can’t finish her homework,” is the underlying cause ADHD, anxiety, a reading  problem, or within developmental norms? To assess ADHD and develop treatment plans, clinicians evaluate specific symptom areas and try to determine how long the symptoms have been present and how much impairment they cause.

Regional Sales Executive of Quotient Inc. Kristin Jones, family therapist, Keith McDaniel of the Phoenix Center of Pinehurst, and preschool teacher
Nina Smith from The Learning Tree discuss the topic; the pitfalls of over diagnosing; and the subsequent over prescribing of medication.

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