Mike Whetzel – His Moore County Story Since 1992

Plumbing contractor and friend, Mike Whetzel, moved to Moore County under serendipitous circumstances back in 1992.

Along with Fore Properties real estate broker, Jen Di Mayo, who represents a different demographic of the young military families moving into Moore
County over the last 10 years, they speak about their reflections and observations of the many changes Moore County has undergone since the 90’s.

Mike is best known as a loyal, honest and straightforward plumbing contractor who has thousands of house calls under his belt with Moore County

Residing in Whispering Pines over the past 20 years, Mike is starting up a new company more consistent with his revamped lifestyle..LAWN BASICS,
<http://www.facebook.com/lawnbasics> www.facebook.com/lawnbasics 910-783-5189.

Jen Di Mayo can be reached at 386 747-5767,  www.foreproperties.com

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