Operation Frontline Recovery

IMG_0012 The sobering statistics are well-known to active-duty military members and their families. Suicide is more likely than combat death for veterans.”

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Senior Airman Stone Hazlett and retired Sgt. Chris Hurley not only know this, they are doing something about it to help their military brothers
transitionalize back to civilian life.


Operation Frontline Recovery is a program that has been given birth by these two eloquent and passionately committed speakers. Therapeutic Gardening is the hook and compassion for their brothers is the engine that has gotten this program quickly off the ground.

Stone & Chris cover a myriad of issues facing the returning service members. Their word pictures and personal reflections created an aura in the
recording studio and an immediate awareness of a severe problem that hits home and does not get lost amongst the many media messages we are bombarded with daily.

Stone can be reached at 910 797-9942. Chris at 910 975-1980.

Visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OperationFrontlineRecovery/?fref=ts

Website: www.growtoheal.org


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