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Laura Glasby has 10 years of experience as a lender and prior to that 13 years of experience as a paralegal. Her experience, wealth of knowledge & ability to properly manage people’s expectations makes her an excellent choice for outlining the loan process to benefit buyers and brokers alike. Laura answers many of these specific questions:

1. Is it really possible to have a simple mortgage loan process?

2. What is the single most important thing a buyer can do to control their loan process?

3. What can a buyer do to simplify their loan process?

4. Why do lenders ask for so much documentation at the beginning of the process?

5. Why are buyers asked for more documentation after they have already sent in everything requested?

6. Why do underwriters ask for more documentation later in the process?

7. Why are buyers asked for documentation at the last minute before closing?

8. Why is it important to choose a local lender recommended by a trusted agent?

9. Does the relationship between the lender and the agent impact the complexity of the loan process?

10. FAQ’s from buyers/agents:

a. Buyers always ask….it was so much simpler when I bought my last house; why is there so much more paperwork this time?

b. Why do lenders care if we, as buyers, put cash or large deposits into our own bank accounts?

c. Why should I pay for earnest money and due diligence deposits with a personal check and not cash?

d. Why does the loan process take so long?

e. Why do I have to sign forms in duplicate?

Laura has offices in Southern Pines, N.C. as well as Fayetteville, N.C.

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