Lifelong resident, former Town Council member and activist, David Woodruff gives us a preview of his book, TapRoots, and the double lecture he and author Ed Aswad will hold at the Southern Pines Civic Club at 105 S. Ashe St. on Sunday, Oct. 5th at 2:00 p.m.

The lecture is being hosted by the Moore County Historical Association,

David’s book captures a spirit and a hope for the town he loves and grew up in as a child in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. His stories, remembrances and
observations are a gift to all who have called Southern Pines home. He captures the town’s character & values in a way today’s residents can
greatly benefit. The book’s timeline takes the reader from the late 1800’s to the present day of development, growth & changing demographics. Like
characters in a play, David’s reading points come to life as the turpentine business, the grand loblolly pines, the trains & rails, the schools, the grand hotels, and the impact of the decisions made thru the years by the Town Council that have shaped the town we are today. The photographs in this book are a keepsake in themselves. In between the pages of TapRoots the reader will find love, joy, sadness, but always hope and great lessons. The rich texture of the stories will make a strong and lasting impression on anybody wanting to wrap themselves around the multitude of layers contained on these pages. David’s love story will be further illustrated at the Civic Club on Oct. 2nd. His fervent hope is that his wonderful gift to this wonderful town will lead to a greater understanding of where Southern Pines came from and where this special place so many of us call home can go.

IMG_0002Although a relative newcomer to Moore County, author Ed Aswad’s popular book, 1001 Trivia Questions & Answers of Moore County, provides the additional texture to help put Southern Pines & all of Moore County in a wonderful framework for residents of all ages.

Ed’s humor and candor and zest for life and his love of Moore County is the only impression you are left with when this man enters or leaves a room!

Both books are available at the Moore County Historical Association and The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines.

October is a busy month in Moore County and to that end, Executive Producer Morgan Sills of the Judson Theatre Company joins us to talk about the upcoming production of To Kill a Mockingbird from Oct. 2nd – Oct. 5th at the Owens Auditorium at the Sandhills Community College. This classic comes to life again, starring Johnny Whitaker of FAMILY AFFAIR and TOM SAWYER fame.
Ticket information : http://judsontheatre.com


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