Carolina Philharmonic Junior Orchestra Program and Fundraiser

Eight years ago the Carolina Philharmonic set foot in Moore County. The growth process has been all grass roots and organic along the way. Today, the Carolina Philharmonic Junior Orchestra provides a necessary bridge to our students due to cuts in the music arts in our school system.

Long time benefactor and passionate supporter, Betsy Robinson of Area Real Estate Partners & Kathleen Wilford, host these talented and courageous young students and their proactive parents, who together paint a compelling picture of what this program means to today’s students and tomorrow’s students.

April Collins is the teacher and the glue that gives this important program the stability and definition it needs to succeed and expand. 

Without the benefit of any state, local or school funding the Junior Program is solely reliant on individual contributors and supporters. Please hear these children; their parents; their supporters and their gifted teacher April Collins and if you are so moved, your contribution over these next few days will be matched to insure the program can continue to grow.

Please text 843 900-2772 and press #3 to make your donation/investment in the children of Moore County thru this program.

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